The problem with commuter mugs is that they are bulky and inconvenient to carry in a backpack or laptop bag. The problem with disposable cups is that they are simply too convenient because of their purpose of being �onetime use�.

SmoothCup solves these issues by catering to the benefits of both disposable cups and commuter mugs. SmoothCup compresses to the size of a hockey puck when the user is done with their beverage, easily fitting in the smallest of bags. It is easily washed, re-used and only has two parts: The silicone cup and the plastic cap that rotates to seal the mouth hole.

Instant access, ruggedness and compactness are key to making smoothCup and other re-usable products a growing part of peoples daily habits.

Unfortunately, users prefer disposable products for many reasons such as cleanliness, convenience and simply forgetting bulky travel mugs.

The design goal of my submission is to give the user an easy to clean, compact and familiar product that promotes re-use.

The Design:

The main cup is made from food-safe silicone. It is similar in function to a "silicone camping bowl" in that it collapses to the size of a puck due to its fold-points moulded into the walls. The purpose is to allow the user to conveniently carry the product. Once finished with their coffee, the cup is easily compressed to carry in a bag, purse, etc..

The lid is made from HDPE2 which is rugged, smooth and recyclable. It also does not contain BPAs making it a great choice in material for the coffee cup. The user opens the mouth hole by aligning the lid�s opening to the cups opening (a simple notch moulded into the inner wall of the silicone). When compressed there may still be a small amount of liquid that is safely contained by the lid.  

This design was chosen to have as few assembly steps as possible and keep the parts to an absolute minimum. Manufacturing and tooling are kept to a minimum because there are only two parts, the cup and the lid.

The coffee cup can come in a variety of colors and is easily distinguished from current retail offerings.