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Starbucks betacup - Drink Sustainably


In 2010, Starbucks dealt with the question of how to reduce the tons of waste produced by paper coffee cups to go. In search of a solution, the company founded the betacup initiative and launched the jovoto.Public project "Drink sustainably". The jovoto community was asked to question common coffee drinking habits and think about alternatives to significantly reduce the bulk of disposable paper cups.


The task wasn't just about developing reusable cups. Starbucks also asked for sustainable solutions that would provoke a change of habit in the consumer. Accordingly, the jury winner was not a product development, but an incentive system for consumers that would drink their coffee from reusable respectively their own cups.


The project gained an extraordinary visibility of approx. 10,000,000 media impressions: more than 630 news and blog pages as well as more than 90,000 Facebook posts and tweets mentioned the challenge

The sustainability themed task initiated a high participation as well as passionate and productive discussions.

More than 1,000 creatives from 64 countries joined the project, approx 430 ideas consisting of more than 2,400 detailed versions were submitted.



Project Jury

Awarded ideas