concrete line up
its about the board itself, its characteristics, the people and streets to enjoy the urban line up..


`im minimum wird das wesentliche, welches im überfluss unterging, wieder sichtbar` 
`the line up is where you are to take off` ..where is the next reef break, the next left/right hander, a nice n clean wall ride, the fastest ride.. where is the next park, the best pub and how can i find home.. everything -the whole universe- spins around the board and its dealer `betonsurfen` (the board stamps out a part of berlin in any direction always rotating around the shop) the position for the logo came just as a result out of the idea to create a fun longboarding map..  .the legend will show up on one example dot 4 each category.
this conceptual design is an abstract diagram of your `concrete line up` and open to continue.. in colour, black and white or just scratched...
.. so i started on the street line up because any lines -vertical or horizontal- are what we are seeking 4.. integrity maybe... with kind regards yours moritz