freedom in mind
The true freedom began with the victory of the allied 1945.


The news of the victory of the allies over the fascism of the Nazi regime becomes thus the foundation-stone for the freedom of Berlin and the whole of Germany � 

All freedom and possibilities which Berlin offers today as a metropolis results from this historical event. 

Being inspired from types of old "Newsweeks"of the allies we create the stroke "BERLINBOARD" as a memory for the today's possibilities of the living in freedom.


The longboarder find his freedom on the street. 


A) The brand logo "BERLINBOARD" in yellow reminds of a middle stripe on a free, freshly asphalted street. 

B) The steamroller. A longboarder must simply love them. The steamroller allows to him realising his personal freedom on the perfectly asphalted street.  

Tattoo motive as a steamroller / Loving Berlin demonstration...

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