The new Design Thinking Community Conference needs an identity!

€1,800prize pool

The new Design Thinking Community Conference needs an identity!


From 9-10 September, 2011 Design Thinking professionals and those interested in Design Thinking will be meeting at the first Design Thinking Community Conference - the BETTER BETA. The event is organized on a voluntary basis by Design Thinking enthusiasts and professionals. The initiative is supported by the University of St. Gallen, as well as the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, on whose campus the event will be taking place. Participants mainly come from German-speaking countries and are professors, teachers, students, creatives, entrepreneurs and managers.

The aim of BETTER BETA is to offer a networking platform for Design Thinkers and to become acquainted with the different approaches to design thinking and people-focused innovation.

Design Thinking – the people-focused innovation approach (topic of the conference)
Design Thinking is a systematic innovation method, which is used, for example, in fields like the innovation of products, services and business models. The method is based on a people-focused, creative, iterative and practical approach to generating ideas and surprising solutions. In research processes, it facilitates a very thorough and extensive methodology of the most diverse questions, leads to many wild impulses when developing ideas and results in the widest range of variations when prototyping. Design Thinking requires a visual and iterative method of working, which is only possible in multidisciplinary teamwork.
The iterative process was developed at Stanford University where it has been a compulsory part of the MBA curriculum since the beginning of 2010. As well as Stanford, Design Thinking is only taught at a few other institutes worldwide: including at the University of St. Gallen and the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam.

The initiators’ aim is to position BETTER BETA as an event by and for the Design Thinking community that is authentic and dynamic. Everyone from the fields of Design Thinking or innovation should be able to identify with the conference.

The plan is for BETTER BETA to establish itself on an international level in the midterm. The conference should play a significant role in forming the Design Thinking community and ensuring a neutral exchange of ideas. Experts, experienced members and newcomers will be brought together for the first time to discuss the subject. As an annually held series of events, in the future, BETTER BETA should contribute to creating a clear image of the Design Thinking approach and that of the people involved.

Task Definition

Develop the logo for BETTER BETA

The conference needs a logo that gives the event a refreshing creative boost and which increases the desire, both internally and externally, to participate in this event.
Apart from the name BETTER BETA, the branding of the event has not yet been defined. There are no limits to the ideas for your logo design.

Target Group

A “BETTER BETArranean” is someone who is interested in new things and is looking to exchange ideas and experiences with other people, who also have many ideas about different questions. They have probably studied at university or are in the process of doing so. Maybe they work in a company in the innovation sector, or perhaps run their own business or are in the process of setting one up. But they could also be teachers or professors who are interested in striking out into new territory in terms of teaching methods for the classroom.


Terms associated with the tonality of BETTER BETA:

  • People-focused innovation – relationship between people and technology
  • Beta – developing and testing of ideas and prototypes
  • The conviction of interdisciplinarity and collaboration
  • Innovation of products, services, business models (startups & entrepreneurship)

Mandatory requirements

  • There are no design guidelines in this contest
  • Your logo should form the basis for the corporate identity of BETTER BETA 
  • The jury winner will be invited to the BETTER BETA event and, in addition to the license prize, will receive a Motorola Xoom Tablet!

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The (un)conference is a community effort of the DT crowd in Germany. This is their group on XING

Where can I find (Your logo should form) the basis for the corporate identity of BETTER BETA ? Best'


ah, yesof course - Thx : )

over 9 years ago

it is a new event we establish. there is no given ID yet. Feel free. Challenge the terms "human-centered innovation" and "prototyping" !

a new challenge, let´s work in it!!!

Hi guys, sounds like great contest! But to be honest the pricemoney for a Logo contest is really a bad joke! And to do this as a public contest will only cause al lot of problems with the voting. As we know from other public logo contests, just to mention one, the Dialog Internet Contest.

@H20 - Dialog Internet was rough, but mainly because some actors were deliberately trying to disturb it (for political reasons). We won't face similar visibility here, thankfully. About the contest being public... this decision was made because the organizers of better beta want to be able to involve participants in decision making and giving input on design ideas. Some of them are designers themselves. In a private contest, this wouldn't be possible.

Sounds reasonable! Then let's hope the best. I will comment again on this topic after the contest. Maybe something like " I've told you so!"

hehe. we'll see. I'm keeping an eye on things.

always nice to see constructive criticism...

It is also good to remember things gone wrong in the past. To avoid making the same mistakes again.

over 9 years ago

How about a mention in the briefing concerning a black and white version . I guess it important that the logo also works without color. It may also be helpful to show the logo in big and small dimensions

thanks theo. I'll check back with the organizors. Indeed, a good logo should work under a number of circumstances.

Good Point. Yes, B&W should be considered. Then again, we all live in modern times with color printers and no fax machines. So, I wouldnt worry too much about it.

printer? wasn't that the thing that squirts paint on... dead trees?? ;-)

I am really inspired by your creativity. I am stoked!!!!

Thanks also for critical feedback on the contest and on the event. We are here for the conversation.

Here some things I would like to see more in your work. As mentioned above in the briefing, there are a few terms associated with the tonality of BETTER BETA:

That are....

* People-focused innovation – relationship between people and technology * Beta – developing and testing of ideas and prototypes * The conviction of interdisciplinarity and collaboration * Innovation of products, services, business models (startups & entrepreneurship)

Stretch those topics!!!!!! I want to see them.

Also it would be nice to see alternative material in use, not just plain grafics. Try out materials, collages, surfaces, post-its....

Prototype your logo!!!

My recommendation: dont modify existing logos or names of the universities. Also stick with the name of the event itself:

BETTER BETA - Design Thinking Community Conference

I have a concern about ratings on this contest. How is the community able to vouch for the integrity of the votes?

That's a very good question, especially in public contests!

@efeabbe at jovoto we have a system called 'rating monitoring'. The contest guide is respoonsible to check every couple of days for unusual rating behaviour. by this we mean systematic supporting of each other by a group of friends, or people who systemtically bash other ideas to move their idea ahead and so forth.

If rating behaviour like this is detrected, we contact the people in question, explain the system and ask to rethink the rating behaviour. In extreme cases, jovoto takes the right to withdraw rating priviledges, either for one contest only or 'gloabally' (if this kind of behavirour doesn't stop)

I hope this makes it more clear to you!

Thanks texastee for your reply. Makes sense but in my opinion, the ratings check is just too manual to be fool proof, if you get my drift. I understand that ratings are a matter of opinion but there is nothing stopping people from signing up with multiple accounts to rate their own work.

it's not as simple as that efeabbe... here in the support center there's a whole section about how ratings work at jovoto. You can also ask your more precise questions about rating there

Friends - as this contest is heating up a little and we're starting to see logos with similarities and certain styles which appear like we have 'seen them before':

pleas check out this link:

design trends may influnece us more than we like to admit. certain styles and colors represent current zeitgeist, and they obviously have an appeal for a good reason.

it's a challenge to define one's very own visual style! and it's also hard to identify a goood, unique visual style - because the ones already known to us seem to be 'nicer' at first glance!

So, overlapping layers, swirls, modular effect, soooo 2010? Then what's the style of 2011? ;-)

Hi there!!! i'm confused...we have to do a logo or a poster/flyer announcing the event???or both???or one that serve two purposes (logo/flyer)??? sorry for any errors :) cheers from Portugal ;)

by the we have to mension the local of the event? if we have to, wich is it??? thanks :)

hey pedrofaia, the task is just to create a logo for the event! what did you mean by the local? You mean the address? No, an address is not required, just the two names of the hosting universities.

Hey Nadine Yes, i was asking for the address :) but since it is not necessary, let's forget that ;) That helped me a lot, thank you!!! But if the names of the hosting universities are required, why the other competitors do not refer them??? :/ (sorry for errors)

Cheers Pedro Faia

by the way...the name of the two hosting universities are: University of St. Gallen and Leuphane University in Lüneburg, right??? :))

Is anyone else having problem uploading the design......i have tried many times it says "your idea has an error please check below" .... i have rechecked the resolution and sizes but the error is still there.

LUGOs, sorry for the late reply. The site was having hiccups on the weekend, but it's fixed now.

Sorry but I have to get rid of something!

I question the fact that some of the jury members show their favourit designs during the contest. I can understand that maybe you want to push the competitors to the max... BUT... tis also effects the contest in a negative way as it also can reduce the motivation by thinking... why should I take part if they already decided. I don´t know if it is nice at all. And I cannot remember any contest I took part, where jury opinions and selections have been made public before Deadline!

What do you think?

In a regular contest the jury should be impartial, neutral and alone standing at least during the phase of

I mean... just explain it to me, maybe I misunderstood the concept here completely.

Hey JoLu, thanks for letting us know of that concern!

The ratings and comments the jury members are giving during the process are there to give some orientation, to let participants know what works and what doesn't.

What you should know is that Jury members' ratings DO NOT count in the rank. Their 'loved ideas' become visible (for orientaiton) but do not count into the ranking score of that idea. That rank is solely determined by the community!

The jury decision will indeed come at a later point, when all jury members will take a look at and evaluate their shortlist of favorite submissions. I don't think the contest is already decided, since the jury members may well still change their minds during the course of the process.

but it is interesting that you bring it up. Often, when we have a Jury involved, participants say that they wish for MORE participation and feedback... what would be the perfect balance?

Thank you for you kind replay on my concerns. I don`t know if there is something like a perfect balance. That jury ratings don´t count is a precondition in my opinion and without discussion, yes! I can absolutly understand that there is a need of orientation in contests...but that is exactly what the briefing should provide. And it does of course. So...if you get the point of the briefing and manage to transfer it in your design, perfect. But don´t you think that after the jury voted you automatically know if your design worked or not? Well, maybe we leave it by the perception that all this discussion is just about opinions.

hello, I have a updating the idea/logo possible only by submiting new file?

Hi Magenta, I guess I am a little late to answer this. Yes, upadating means you add a new file to your old submission, this way, we can all follow your improvements and see how the idea has developed. Some people put an extra 'slide' in between old versions and new, to make it more obvious.

Now it's rating time, everyone! Please stay remember to stay a true sports(wo)man, rate the idea/concept objectively and not its author!

Keep the qualities it should express in mind when placing your final rating. Does it transport the qualities defined in the brief? is it unique and memorable, does it have the graphic qualities that make it a good logo?

Enjoy, thanks for the many stunning submissions.

congrats too all winners

Bear with me while we wait for a final Jury decision!