Into fluid space
A fluid dynamic logo made of the equation ?=! Symbolizing the question&answer/task/solution etc. The font and colors shift within every variation of the logo.


The dynamic identity trend is truly intriguing and fascinating, but far from suitable for any company/institution/logo-task. With a logo changing in every view or maybe changing when you switch from one platform or area of the company to another, you've got quite a handful securing recognizably and unity despite the fluid elements.

For this innovative, creative and scientific environment I think it's at it's best�here you're looking for innovative out-of-the-box-thinking and experiments are most welcome.

The trademark is made of the equation ?=! giving it a mathematical/scientific base. The interpreting of the equation is fluid: Could be:

    _ Going from task to solution
    _ Question to answer
    _ Seeking to finding
    _ From wondering to a feeling of enlightenment.

Of cause there�s a parallel to the Matthew 7:7-8 KJV (even though I have absolutely no religious intensions with this logo): 

�Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find...�

Seems scientists have somewhat the same experience:
Here�s (yet another brilliant!) TED talk about finding design solutions in nature: Biomimicry in action.

This goes very well hand in hand with my thoughts behind the equation in the logo: Within the sincere, open-minded seeking/question lies the answer/solution.

The principal is to blend the individual types in the equation.The result: An abstract, aesthetically-almost architectonical-shape.

The variation of font use and colors in the individual logos makes the logo dynamic yet recognizable.

The colors are keep in bright and colorful tones to give the logo a sparkling kick-ass feel. Avoiding traditional or heavy logo color constellation is essential.

Besides that only aesthetics and recognizability limits the use of fonts and colors.

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