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Design the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine!


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awesome projekt :-)

Is it possible to get the 3d data?

In the "sample stack up" (colored model) it looks like tow boxes are placed on top of each other. In the other ones it looks like they are placed side by side. What did I get wrong? In one model it is not visible what discription belongs to which part because the lines blur with the material. What is the size of the Mug? How are the filters changed (which direction)? Is there already an fixed side on which beans and water are filled into their tanks. Maybe its possible to better show the parts functions, their dimensions and there convertibility?

I support you dahu!

I have the same issue understanding the stack up model.

Hey dahu and ionutpeia! Great to have you on this project!

Yes, we're trying to get the additional 3d data ASAP!

Re: your questions: 1) It's a modular stack-up concept. Stack it as you like - as long as it's logical! For that, we provided the system overview. The two boxes in the colored model are 2 water tanks - a fixed and a detachable part. That was one idea, you don't have to follow that! 2) Right, the lines aren't super precise. Will get you better outlined material. 3) The size of the mug is 1.2 liters (405 oz). 4) How are the filters changed? That one is up to you! 5) It's not fixed, on which side you fill in the beans in the water - however, as the majority is right-handed, the right side is preferred.

Rushing to get you better materials. In the meantime you can start brainstorming - thrilled to see your designs!

thank you for your feedback :) Ok if I got you right the parts can be organized differently?! Then I think it is absolutely demanding to illustrate what parts are the one that can be moved (what are single "lego-briks"). Therefore I guess the dimentions of the single "briks" need to be known. Without this I see a lot of wasted time with a halftimefeedback saying this or that isn´t working.... It´s a very promising Idea but also a very demanding breefing which I think needs a way better decryption! But I now you´ll get this done :)

Exactly. I'm on it ;)

Overall, the technical mechanism is built and developed. Do we have the only design the outer casing?.......... Good luck from Poland

Hey krzysztofwrobel, exactly, don't worry about the engineering, "only" the design. That comes with enough mandatory requirements already ;) Looking forward to your submission!

Ok !thanks for the reply! My translator [ google:) from English to Polish translators differently :). Now I understand. Ok!!!!!. Good luck from Poland

Excellent project like idea that coffee bean come direly from the farmer. Will you upload the 3D data on JOVOTO when ready? Can you upload the files as .STEP files?

Best regards Shorter

Hey shorter, we managed to get a hold of the 3d data and uploaded STEP files, PDFs and a motion study. Have a look at the download material section!

about 7 years ago

I think, I'm in :) Awesome project and task !! =)

Ok, update on the data / material: By this Monday night (Oct 14th) we'll have a dimensioned and explicit schematic diagram of the machine. You'll know the dimensions, which parts are flexible and which are not, and everything else you need to know.
Till then, please just continue working on your sketches and looking for / uploading some inspiration, so you're ready to get down to business on Monday! We're looking forward to seeing more beautiful stuff!

Nothing appeared during Monday night, we would like to have all the information so the proposal would be even technical allright, not just aestethical.

I know, I'm chasing after the material myself, believe me. I was just promised that it'd be there in a couple of hours, so stay tuned!

Ok, we are going to wait a litlle more. Thank you.

Have a look at the download material section, the 3d data is there now!

And a quick note from me again: I'm seeing a lot of portafilters and milk frothers in the designs - however, the machine is all about pure, fresh filter coffee, so none of that is needed. Besides that - what a GREAT start, 13 ideas after less than 48 hours, keep that energy up!

Hello, Is it allowed to integrate the filter method, like it is used in the Krups F468 T8 coffee machine into the design? The Krups T8 prepares the coffee after the so-called 'Druckbrühsystem' PressureBrewSystem.

Hey Remy, Of course it is allowed to use "best practice" options from existing technologies, e.g. the "Rain shower" brewing method... only restriction is that we cannot integrate any "pressure" brew methods in our machine. Looking forward to your submission!

Hello Nsonne, Can interactive 3D-pdf's be uploaded, instead of an animation?

Hey Remy, you can upload them, but only upon downloading the PDF people can see the interactivity... so maybe a video format works better.

Alright! We've got the 3d data. They made them especially pretty, that's why it took them a little longer ;)

A couple of remarks on that:

1) The water tank - the water tank's design and position is entirely up to you, it only definitely needs to hold 1.2 liters.

2) Water Heating Unit: - free to reposition within the set frame.

3) Parts that need to be detachable: - air filter, - coffe filter drawer, - silver char drawer, - water tank.

4) Air-vent system: - not fixed a 100% yet, so there is a little more scope here, e.g. you could install the air-inlet on the right hand side (see overview chart)

5) Grinder Unit : - is laid out horizontally (fixed)

6) Again, parts that can be configured freely: - Water tank, grinding degree setting

7) Bewegungsstudie = motion study.

End of this week/early next week, we'll also get one of the tech engineers who built the prototypes, Jergus, to look at your ideas and give feedback on feasibility. So it'd be great if you had the 3d data figured out and implemented by then.

Can't wait to see more, great submissions so far, keep going!

... and as always you find it in the 'Download Material' section ;)

... also just added another STEP file for the water filter. It is just a schematic diagram as sizes aren't fix yet. You can position it yourself, but it needs to be between the tank and the heating unit of course. If necessary, you can install the heating unit a bit lower for that.

Hei! I have analised i bit the content of the machine and have two questions: Where is heating unit for roasting and how roasting process will look like ( vertical mixing, horizontal, someone another? And second question is how the dosage of beans will organised? Machine will roast all beans in tank? Or only the part of the beans, ehat is needed for 1 jug?

Thank you so much for 3d parts and schemes!!!!

Thank you so much Natalie for the 3d parts - I have inspired by it yesterdat night and designed one click only super-automatic variant of my machine! Thanks again for inspiration!

Hey EvgeniLeonov, sorry for the delay in answering your question. Here we go: the roasting unit is vertical (as to be seen in the 3d data) and how the dosage of the beans is to be organized we hope to hear from you ;) - all of the beans filled into the roasting chamber will be roasted, ground and brewed. One pot is approx 60gr of beans (6gr per cup, 10 cups in a pot). But what if you want to get only half a pot out of the machine? Think about a solution here, curious to see it!

No feedback from Jergus, the tech engineer regarding our proposals and feasibility?

Yes, he's amongst us already ;) I will ask him to have a closer look at your machine!

Thank you Nsonne

Pleasure and thanks for your patience!

Hi, I have a question about mandatory nr.7 "What they fill in, will always be used completely." As I read it, the ratio between the amount of water and beans, that is filled manually, is a main parameter for the endproduct(coffee taste)! How schould that be seen in relation to technical control, usability and eventually an app?

Thanks for the 3D data. Is it possible to see some pictures from the inside off prototypes to get a better feel for the technicallities and process and/or a short movie of someone operating the prototype?

hello!!!!!!! good afternoon I have a couple of questions about the project:

1 - What is the purpose or segment you want to get the company hauses, or cafe restaurant ? which are very different parameter for both

2 - I would like to know the measurements of the part or mechanism , at least height, width and depth to know at least the proportion of the mechanism and to get an idea of the size that can or will have coffee and I was reading the Mandatory Requirements and you say you should weigh 10 kilograms maximum but I wonder how heavy the mechanism so to know that I could use materials and finishes in the product

3 - I read that also want a proposal for an application to the cell but in this case the application that one person would have to control the machine through the cell for example the machine is in a place within a facility and the machine be controlled and board and the person can choose the amount and type of coffee that would be two different applications or the options that would provide the application would be different , and this also appease to the segment comment above

hey musicart3d, noooot sure I get all of your questions. I'll try. 1 - private households and offices first. Restaurants later ;) 2 - all measurements can be found in the 3d data that's been provided for download in the briefing above. 3 - now you got me thinking. what do you mean? can you try to word your question in a different way? sorry :)

Hi, I'm really stuck now. - How do the roasted beans get into the grinder? (mechanical, falling sideways?) - How is the chaff separated after the roasting? (blowing, falling, mechanical?) - How is grinded coffee transported into the filter compartment, and what is the diameter of transport channel? - How is the grinded coffee spread evenly on/in the filter. - What is the max. outside temperature of the the roaster? - What happend to the parts that were in the first Stack-Up concept? (coffee outlet, chaff cutter, electronics).

As there is already a working prototype many of the above questions seemed to been solved, but there is a big gap between that and the provided data. Perhaps a demo movie of the working prototype could help!


Ayay Remy, I think you're going way too much into the technical details here. What we need from you is a unique design that is not only appealing but answers the operating questions above (how do I take out the water tank, how's the water filter detachable, how do I make cleaning hassle-free), so everything on usability but not on how the technique works. Build a housing for the technique and think about great user design, that's enough already! Hope that answers your question?

Hi, I realise that my questioning sometimes may seem a bit far fetched, can raise some irritation or even seem as critique, but that 's really not my intention. They are about usabilty, safety and innovation, issues that can only be solved by adressing it integrally which in my oppinion almost equals a sustainable approach and therefor also have an ethical* dimension to it. The breefing is not only about styling, is it?

So here is what was going through my mind: - Is there a risk for users to burn(150°C) there fingers, then how to prevent this from happening? - Is there room for change of mind or user error? "I know I'm not perfect!" How can you take out an amount of beans when your gut feeling says the beans to water ratio is to high or handling and mind where not jet in sync at 5:30 in the morning? Scooping beans out with a teaspoon doesn't seem very userfriendly to me if possible at all. So perhaps you can take out the container, but if it has a hole in it because the beans have fall into the grinder, that wouldn' work too! - The roasting degree depends on the amount of heat, the temperature, the time, the movement, the amount of coffee and the coffee brand. Is there a weighing sensor in the machine, if not how can you control these parameters? Next to the auditive(popping sound) a visual check would be the most obvious, so you need a little window, but where should it be placed if knowing know the inner life of the roasting unit? - The disposing of the chaff and residue in one go means one action less and less user error because of forgetting to empty the chaff chamber. Understanding how the the chaff gets into the drawer is essential to come up with a working sollution for that.(appart from the implications it might have for the position of the glass) - Does the grinder need some periodically cleaning? Coffee contains oil and can be a little sticky.

*How big the scope of responsebilty for a designer is, and to what consequences, can only be answered by each individually, and on the basis of being good informed(transparency).

Hello Remy,

Thank you for your commitment. I will come straight to the points :

  1. As a preventive action there should be a grid above the roasting unit.

  2. There is a possibility, to take out the amount of beans, if you construct for example a filppable roasting unit.

  3. Our roasting degree follows a perfect temperature to time relation which is transmittable to all.

  4. The grinder does not need any periodically cleaning. Don't bother about that.

We're happy to help you.


Thanx Jergus,

I'll interpret the grid solution as an illustration for "hissss, au, hot, hot, hot".

A few questions remain and new pop up: 1. Flipping the roasting unit as a whole or just the container with beans? 2. Free to decide the flipping direction (where can the pivot be projected)? 3. Is it possible to place the chaff drawer next to the filter unit? (in fact constructing a new unit containing the two) 4. No 'chaff cutter' and 'electronics' like in the original stack-up concept? (reserve free space?)


Curious how long the roasting process takes? Don't like to wait for my morning coffee. Maybe needs to be prepped at night and start automatically in the morning? tia

Tehe, no not at all. As you're roasting only 60 gramm, it takes around 3-4 minutes to roast them. No need to get up in the middle of the night to prepare your coffee!

Tobias: this link might be useful, it contains a lot of information about coffee roasting:

i suppose i can hold out for 3 more mins.. thanks

Peeps, I met the founders of Bonaverde this morning. They're absolutely thrilled about your idea and wanted to let you know how excited they are in person. Check out their video message !

ssss - your ideaSSSS.

nsonne, please and very very please. Bashed idea in action. my idea in 3 days down to much. only 1 rating make it down 3 level. 2 rating down 4 level. i'm sad.. :(

hey guzzangga, we actually just checked the ratings and they were fine! you know it's not necessarily bashing if your rating changes... but we'll have another look at the ratings!

Kickstarter requires functioning prototypes nowadays as far as I know. Luckily with 3d printing it's easy to turn these ideas into real prototypes in time for the campaign, but the materials are limited. With that in mind, wondering if CAD models should be watertight and limited to certain plastics and colors suitable for 3d printing.

Great new (and free) tool to fix and view models before additive manufacturing.

hey tobiasvon, thanks for that - but as indicated in the briefing, they produced 135 prototypes already, so no need for printing the designs - the design should just indicate how the machine is supposed to look like, that's why we need sketches / drawings, too and not just photorealistic renderings (Kickstarter doesn't allow for that if the machine doesn't exist like that already).

Here's an awesome new eco material made from cellulose and water that would be great for this product, but commercializion is probably still a year out. Keep an eye on it though 'cause it could usher in a new age of biodegradable eco plastics:)

Sorry to say that, but I´m still a bit confused with the main goal of the contest!

There are a lot of really awesome Ideas with innovative shapes and materials. But a lot of these great looking submissions do not take the mandatory dimensions of the internal parts into account (a lot of these ideas are very small in volume).

So my Question is:

Is the goal of the Design(A) to show "how it could/should look like" when it gets funded and to try to reengineer the internals?

Or is the goal (B) to present a design on kickstarter that can be built asap with the given internal?

If the goal is (B) I think this needs to be emphasized and somehow gets it´s way into the rating. Because with the given internals you have to work with a big volume and you can´t compete with an submission which has a smaller sleeker volume or spectacular shape!!!

This leeds me to the the early bird price: Is "the best submission" the best rated by the community or chosen by bonaverde? If the latter what will be the criteria for choosing the early bird? (A) or (B)?

I hope this is understandable :)

Totally agree with dahu, hope the answer comes soon.

Hey dahu, you are absolutely completely right. So far we've seen a lot of amazing designs, but the technical implementation (adaption dimensions as you say as well as solving the usability questions we ask in the briefing) still mostly remains to be tackled. So the goal is (B)! This is the next step guys - now that you have the 3d data, please adapt your designs to the right dimensions! That said, Bonaverde is going to select the Early Bird winner, but they would love to select it at least from the Top 10 community favorites, so when you rate, please keep feasibility in mind! Thanks for pointing it out dahu, I will emphasize it more.

Did some research wondering if there' already all-in-one(roast+grind+brew) machines on the market:, then if your still convinced:

Hey Remy, you found their prototype ;) On the bottom of the link, the last comment with the picture of the machine - that's one of the earliest early prototypes. They had them produced in South Corea, at one point they also had a couple of them get stolen, and however they got onto Alibaba who knows - but it's in fact their prototype. Any more specific questions you had? I'm having their engineer look at your questions above.

Thanks Nsonne, Was sort of reaching boilingpoint myself, but this gives a bit of hope again.

Can we also get an official statement about the time to let the CO2 degass, which has an huge impact on taste(sweetness)?

Looking forward for the engineers' answers.

When can I expect some answers?

Hello Remy,

the entire maximum time for the degas process is 60 sec.


I know this is beyond the scope of the brief, but as a potential customer it seems for the best tasting coffee the roasted beans need to cool off and de-gas for up to several days, so even though an all-in-one machine sounds great, shouldn't roasting and grinding/brewing processes should be separate? The whole thing is a bit of an art form with timing and temperatures, so being able to pause between roast and grind would give the user more control to find the perfect taste (and might even satisfy those skeptics on the coffeegeek forum.)

I support your point! I made my documentation and seems that after roasting coffee beans should stay like minimum 24H and then grind it.

yea, seems like the ideal machine would have an auto mode for one touch operation and a manual mode where you can take out the roasted beans and grind and brew separately. That gives connoisseurs control over the cure time, and if you run out of raw beans, you could also use roasted beans which are easier to find in stores. Also, I'm sure I'd want to share my roasted beans with others too, and if I'm in a hurry in the morning, i'd skip the roast process and go straight to grind and brew.

The download link for the water-filter does not seem to work. When I click on it I just get a page with a lot of text.??

This is a STEP-fleformat ( and its content is (usually ;) ) a text file. So the only thing you got to do is to right-click the link and save the file using a .step or .stp extension. Hope that helps?

Not really :-) If I do right-click and save as..... it saves as a *.txt file and I can not change the extension. For the rest of the files I can just click on it and it downloads.

OK... after you saved it as a text file with extension .txt.... simply switch to the folder, click on the file and change its extension to .stp/.step. That should do as a workaround... ;)

The reason why the browser does not accept a regular download (as you state above) is - the browser recognizes the content as text and therefore it doesn't download but show it directly in the browser. To ensure it can be used as a regular download the jovoto team would have to zip a small file and place it as a zip file... then the regular download would work...

Yes, exactly, I agree. But the work-around worked. I was able to open it in a CAD program and it looked like a filter. Thanks for your help...

Great to hear, John! Happy I could help and you're welcome :)

Hi all, First thanks for this exiting project.

I have two question 1) Has the engine for the grinder to be that big ? 2) would it be possible to rotate the roasting unit 180° horizontally (let's say to have the air vent system on the front)?

Personally, this would save me a lot of space and make the machine smaller (about anly 230mm instead of 320mm)

Thanks for your reply. Cheers

Hello Malindis

quick and short :

  1. The engine is one of the smallest and has to be that big, which can supply us enough force to grind the beans.

  2. You can try this one, but the air vent system must be located at the back.

Best Regards


Sooo before we're heading into the weekend, it's time for the HALF-TIME FEEDBACK!

Just like last week, the guys super happy about the designs! With the Early Bird winner selection coming up, they're asking you to follow up on a few more details from the briefing though – all summarized in a little video plus text here.

Enjoy watching / reading and keep on creating! Looking forward to your updates!

Hi, Really happy to finally get a peak of the prototype and I'm excited for the team too ;-)

In the video there's talk about expecting a solution for the chaff ending in the pot. In the briefing material there is clearly a chaff drawer, but without any explanation about the inner functioning of the machine, even after specificly asking for it, it seems to me like a long shot for the designers to come up with a working solution. So how de we go from here?

I agree with Remy. There is a specific request for a solution of how the chaffs end up in the chamber but there is no (or not enough) explanation of how the process currently works so coming up with a solution with this little input will be no more than a wild quess..

QUESTION: How often the Silver-chaft and the Air-filter are changed? As often as the coffee filter? Once a month? Once a year? If not too offen maybe it is not necesary to have an easy access drawer as for the filter, for example.

Good question. I hope they will answer soon...

hey oxelot, the silver chaffs pop off at every roasting, just imagine them like the skin that pops off corn when making pop corn! So if you find a way to release these silver chaffs into the ground after brewing, you would simply throw it out with the coffee. If not, it depends on the size of the drawer ;) The air filter would have to be changed after every 30th use, so approx once a month, hence it should be easily accessible. Hope that answers your questions!

Just have to mention that Brave New World isn't exactly what (I hope) you want to associate with your product. It's a dystopian sci-fi novel of a future not so different from what we have today, actually. But in a bad way. As far as I can tell, your project is anything but Brave New World :)

Haha yes, you're completely right. No, we're not referring to the novel's content at all, we just fell in love with the title itself (and the familiarity with it, as everybody knows the title "brave new world"), it has no further meaning - shame on us ;)

Is today's deadline midnight Germany time? tia

hey tobiasvon, yes, midnight CET today is the deadline. We couldn't be more excited!

And the Early Bird winner is ............................ ?


What would be extremely helpful would be to see the prototype in action. Also to see high def photos of the prototype would help designers get a better understanding of what is needed to make the machine function at it's best. In the video he mentioned wanting to know how certain parts could be removed and things like regulating the amount of beans that go into the machine - all of these details would be much easier to incorporate and understand if we could see the prototype in action. For instance - where does it say what the capacity of the roasting chamber is? How do the roasted beans get into the grinder and where do they exit? Lot's of things could be addressed if we could see the machine working. I also agree with the earlier post about the roasted beans needing to rest for a day before grinding - so there should be a reservoir for ready beans and just roasted beans.

Yes, we finally have a video of how to operate the prototype! Just posted it here, check it out! Re: the other questions, I will ask Jergus to answer them!

How much are we allowed to change the required components of the current prototype? I honored the size and relative placement of provided parts, incorporating Bonaverde research and development assets thus far. I see now that most entries just assume everything will be re-engineered to fit their creative box, at a later time. Please tell us how the project organizers want us to proceed.

Hey C8H10N4O2, the sizes of all elements will stay the same - you are completely right to ask that question. This needs to be considered in all submissions, feasibility is as important as design!

Dear all, it's time for a big announcement, it's time for the EARLY BIRD WINNER! Let me first say that it was an incredibly tough decision for the guys. We have close to 90 submissions, they are all super diverse and very creative, so they had long, exhausting discussions within the team until they finally came to a decision.

There are a couple of amazing designs that are unfortunately not feasible either re: the dimensions, the usability or cost wise. So the winner had to comply with all the technical and usability requirements PLUS have a great design.

And here it is... – DRUMROLLLLLLL... – CONGRATS TO CVAG with their design Futura Bonaverde, which is not only a beautiful design, but also considering all requirements re: technique, usability and costs. We are very excited to be able to feature their design on the Kickstarter campaign as the first machine to be produced upon reaching the funding goal!

However, guys - the project is far from over! Another week to go, and we're not only looking for community winners, but also possibly for a 2nd design to go into production! So have another close look at the briefing to make sure you're complying with all specifications, also there are still a couple of points no one has covered so far (e.g. how the machine learns that a user is about to make coffee, so it can start pre-heating the roasting chamber), and go back to your drawing boards - we can't wait to see how much more is going to happen over the last week! **

amazing work all of you designers - the passion you can feel on this website is incredible!


Thank you very much Xavier !!! :)

Briefing: "The design should be simple, yet elegant and unique. Just like Dieter Rams would have designed it." ? ! ?

Big congrats for an awesome design CVAG. Well deserved the special price for your proposal. Hope we can buy the coffee machine from the stores soon.

Thank you very much novatos.

No offense, and maybe it's just me, but in my opinion, the winning design looks like a horseshoe shaped hat box. I mean all of these wonderful designs and this monster wins? This big, gigantic looking, boxy, sea trunk? I assume it won based on the fact that the original components also fit in a bo- shaped machine? Sorry, but just because the glass slipper fits does not make this design Cinderella.

Hi Robhoski,

That certainly is your own opinion and to each his own-- However, here on the platform to create a respectful and fun environment for everyone, your opinion is welcome but we expect it in an objective and respectful way. Simply criticizing an idea or the choice of a client isn't. Please re-think your your tonality and means of communication before you hit submit.

Best, Jess

Okay - lets see if I can be more politically correct:

I don't care for this design at all. I wonder if it was chosen because the internal components fit more easily into a boxy shape? It doesn't strike me as very unique or visually appealing. That's just my opinion, but it seems there were many attractive designs to choose from, so I wonder how this one came out on top? It's true there were a lot of drawings and details in the winning submission, and this makes me think that perhaps the shear volume of materials presented may have been the strongest contributing factor in choosing this deign. Unfortunately, I doubt many consumers would like to purchase such a hulking box for their counter top, regardless of it's functionality.


Hey Robhoski, it is part of the task to comply with the requirements, so yes it is crucial that all technical components fit and all handling questions are considered. There are several incredibly beautiful designs that unfortunately neither took the right dimensions, nor any of the usability factors, nor the production cost under $100 into consideration - so they couldn't be selected. Whether the design is boxy or hulking is your personal opinion - Bonaverde loved the design and so does the community, the idea has been in the top 10 steady from the beginning. So no, not the volumen of of materials, but the exact adaptation of the task PLUS the creation of a beautiful design got them the well deserved award.

BUT.......the client is king. ;)

True that the client is king, but there's another old saying that often proves true: "too many cooks spoil the broth." Group decisions often lead to mediocrity and you end up with a vanilla idea when you were hoping for tutti fruity. That happens when you try to distill everyone's opinions down into a compromise. It's like ordering a pizza for a group, you end up with something generically acceptable everyone.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I would like to clarify the issue of dosing of the water as it comes? We pour a certain amount of water and get it right at the exit or we pour a certain amount, and we can measure how much water we need ?

who is the early bird winner?

It's CVAG with their Futura Bonaverde ( Hope that helps, Christin?! ;)

Thanks ChristinWeller !


This video (, and also the provided mechanism (3D data) would've been really usefull to have them included in the original brief, or at least, during the very first days of the contest. There are many ideas that wouldnt be able to fit all the elements in, and yet they remain in the top rank.

Next time, I'd recomend jovoto to have ALL the information ready from the begining of the projects, so we wouldnt be working on useless ideas that dont fit the brief or requirements (thus a waste of time). Specially in a project like this.

Agreed - how hard would it be to provide the exact dimensions of the internal parts and explain that they need to fit inside the design?

Oxelot, Robhoski, we provided the exact dimensions on day 5 of the challenge and asked you to just do brainstorming before that. We always said that the stack up was flexible, the dimensions were not. No need to bring in negative vibes by the end of the project now, rather try to polish your submissions over the last days! Thanks!

Did the Kickstarter project already start?? I can not find it... I twas said 1st November also on it still says that. Hope there is no issue with the fact that from Europe you can not submit a project into Kickstarter. I also wanted to start a project myself some time a go but did not manage...

Hey ZinghDesign, you are right, the Kickstarter project hasn't started yet, but it will today / latest tomorrow. Spoiler: they waited to sign their first manufacturer which happened yesterday! That means if the project is successfully funded, they can go right into tooling. And they're ready to go now, just some last refinements - I will let you know once the project launches! Thanks for being so interested!!

OK! very good !! Is the manufacturing in Asia or Europe ??

It's CVAG with their Futura Bonaverde ( to repost the comment of InDesign

ChristinWeller: in already knew the early-bird winner :-) My question was related to where the product wel be produced after succesful Kickstarter funding . This could be in Asia offcourse or in Europe.. Just out of interest..

ZinghDesign, it's a European manufacturer!

Thanks Nathalie, nice to know.. did not expect that but I like it...

voting done.. please jovotans have a second look at all design here because some of them developed a lot till the last minute and a revote would be recommended ;)

totally agree with you!!! A second voting seems suitable (I´ll do my "homework" tomorrow ;)


the briefing says it crystal clear:

" the design should be simple, yet elegant and unique! just like dieter rams (not dieter ramsch) would have designed it "

so please, have a closer look at some of his legendary designs, and think twice about your voting. remain objective!

and to king client... why do you ask for a dieter rams like design, when you then choose something that is light years away from that?

do you really know prof. dieter rams and his designs?

The core design philosophy of Dieter Rams is function over form. So you all set yourself up to failure when your goal is to imitate his "style". There is no Dieter Rams style. He approached every design task differently, and never intended to develop a personal signature. Hence none of the Jovoto entries are worthy of claiming any comparison to Dieter Rams. What many of you did instead was - visually quote some memorable elements from his most famous designs. That is not good design practice in general. Neither is Jovoto a serious place to go for design. So I have no complaints.

Hello everyone, we have great news - the Kickstarter project is about to go live tomorrow, Tuesday 12th at 3PM CET (9AM EST)!

Read more about it here - or head straight to Kickstarter: from tomorrow on you will find the project at!

Besides that - 3 days to go, we're excited to find out who will be the Community Winners! Thanks again for the fantastic entries and participation!

Love the caffeinated owls.. :)))

Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design. good design...
  1. is innovative - the possibilities for progression are not, by any means, exhausted. technological development is always offering new opportunities for original designs. but imaginative design always develops in tandem with improving technology, and can never be an end in itself.

  2. makes a product useful - a product is bought to be used. it has to satisfy not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic criteria. good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could detract from it.

  3. is aesthetic - the aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products are used every day and have an effect on people and their well-being. only well-executed objects can be beautiful.

  4. makes a product understandable - it clarifies the product’s structure. better still, it can make the product clearly express its function by making use of the user's intuition. at best, it is self-explanatory.

  5. is unobtrusive - products fulfilling a purpose are like tools. they are neither decorative objects nor works of art. their design should therefore be both neutral and restrained, to leave room for the user's self-expression.

  6. is honest - it does not make a product appear more innovative, powerful or valuable than it really is. it does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.

  7. is long-lasting - it avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated. unlike fashionable design, it lasts many years – even in today's throwaway society.

  8. is thorough down to the last detail - nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the consumer.

  9. is environmentally friendly - design makes an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. it conserves resources and minimizes physical and visual pollution throughout the lifecycle of the product.

  10. is as little design as possible - less, but better - because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. back to purity, back to simplicity.

103% in 16 hours ... EXTRAORDINARY SUCCES ...big congrats to BONAVERDE team.

WOW!!!!!! Congrats you guys!!!!!

I trust in jovoto team expirience,but to go one whole score down for 6 ratings in row is realy unreal!

damn, pass to vote here finally! hope to a good final result for each of you! good luck!







XAAAAVIERRRRR THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASMMMM :D Yes, it's been a completely overwhelming success for the team so far! It's not over yet, you can still back the project if you like >>

And thank you for your patience guys, we're onto the rating monitoring and will announce the winners ASAP!


Hey Xavier, yes of course, in all packages it's always CVAG's Futura design! So with the $300 you get what you were looking for :) Thanks so much!

hey!!! when results!??

And the winners are up! Congrats to all participants for an absolutely brilliant project and not to mention a huge congrats to the Bonaverde team on their great success!

This was a great contest! Congrats to the Bonaverde team and all winner!

Big congrats to all the winner and of course to Bonaverde team and their huge success.

Congrats to all winners! :)

the same story) one wishes! better put my idea in last place! Congrats to all winners!(((

Congrats to all the winners... very cool ones!! :))

from 12 to 19? incredible! Congrats to the winners!

я поздравляю победителей! мне очень жаль, но среди них, нет ни одной достойной работы! я могу пойти купить себе такую кофеварку в любом ближайшем магазине.

Congrats to all lucky winners! I think some of the best were after the 7. place.

We havent got any prices payment, right? Or am I the only one?

No, I have same problem....


Sorry for the delay guys - it'll be there very soon, please be a bit more patient! Thank you!!

Hi everyone, Thanks for your patience. The project payments will be made by the end of the week! Best, Jess

Interesting - have u already seen this? The shape has changed completely: And here's the video: Well... the current shape somehow reminds me of some machine-concepts I've seen here on jovoto.

what is so cool alex??? danke für die info eric! ganz schön erschreckende geschäftspraktiken!!! hier ist auch noch was nettes:

no comment from jovoto on this incident???

Hi NOAKA, As far as the final design, we do not see it as a copied idea and therefore- Our main concern is that you, the creatives are compensated for your ideas on the platform. And as this is the case in this project- once it leaves our platform, it is out of our hands how the client implements the idea, or not- in this case. All the best, Jess