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Design the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine! €6,000 prize pool

Design the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine!


Bonaverde is a small, dedicated team of young, sleepless Berliner entrepreneurs that made it their goal to revolutionize the world of coffee. Around 2 years ago Hans, the founder, started out with a vision: build the first all-in-one coffee machine in the world that would not only grind and brew, but also ROAST coffee. 

What’s so special about it?
A number of things.
a) Drinking freshly roasted coffee will get you the freshest coffee ever tasted
b) Drinking freshly roasted coffee will also get you an extremely well-balanced coffee as the beans don’t stand a chance to develop the acidity and bitterness that usually derives from storing. 
c) Absolutely no waste. Bonaverde’s green beans come in jute bags - no paper, no plastic and certainly no aluminum!
d) And last but not least, the probably most groundbreaking thing about roasting your own coffee: You’ll get the raw beans directly from the farmer. You skip the currently up to 17 steps between the farmer and yourself, and gain complete transparency on your coffee bean’s value chain. And it also means that farmers finally get more for their beans!

How far are they now?
Bonaverde managed to produce 135 prototypes and had over 15.000 people tasting the coffee and encouraging them to move forward. All that’s missing now is two things: a beautiful machine design as well as enough funding to start serial production. 

For both things they’re relying on the power of the crowd - specifically the power of the jovoto and the Kickstarter crowd: Bonaverde wants you to make this very first roast-grind-brew coffee machine an object to long for by creating the most spectacularly simple yet elegant product ever seen in a kitchen. As of November 1st, when the Kickstarter campaign launches, the Early Bird winner (details see below) will be featured on Kickstarter as the machine design that’s most likely going to be produced once they reach the funding goal. 

So, do your design magic, and if you want your design to become reality or simply want the world’s freshest coffee for yourself, you can also help spread the word to get as many people as possible come to the Kickstarter platform and back or share the machine project. 

Task Definition

Design a coffee machine that meets high end demands but remains manufacturable for a mass market.

Think about how to stage our USP’s:

  • Raw, green coffee beans
  • Self roasting experience and control
  • Modular all-in-one coffee preparation process

The design should be simple, yet elegant and unique. Just like Dieter Rams would have designed it. Think white, greyish, earth colors... less electronic, more elemental – the machine is combining all elements: earth (wood, metal, raw beans), fire (roasting), water (brewing) and wind (coffee scent from roasting/grinding/brewing). How does your design reflect this? 

Have a look at the moodboards in the download material category. If you imagine it elsehow, convince us. In any case, the machine must spark a want in coffee AND design loving people.

The production cost should not exceed €100 (not including the interior, just the housing). Who wouldn’t love a ceramic body with wooden details and maybe even a concrete foot? Try to make it happen! But if it’s too expensive, find us a just as nice substitute. 
And by the way, we’re talking filter coffee here! Back to the roots - purest, freshest coffee from the scratch. 



Come up with a machine design spectacular enough to:

  • attract all target groups (see below).
  • make all your friends want this machine and talk about it throughout the on- as well as offline world.
  • make producers want to produce this machine, right away. 

Attached you’ll find all the material you need (moodboards, 3D stack ups etc.)



This revolution comes with pretty prizes, too. The total prize money is 6,000€ split amongst all winners. The Early Bird winner (best submission by Oct 30th, 12PM CET) can literally make history by designing the next disruptive innovation that people from all over the world will long for. But besides fame, serious financial benefits can also come his way: 0.80€ royalties per machine might get him very far once we start serial production. However, the project is far from being over after the Early Bird Winner selection - all other Community Winners stand the chance of being licensed and produced if they convince the crowd.

Target Group

Coffee drinkers! Amongst them especially the:

  • Coffee gourmets (think distinguishable taste!)
  • Coffee junkies (think well-balanced coffee!)
  • The tech lovers (think disruptive innovation!)
  • The changemakers (think revolution of coffee value chain!)


  • Simple and elegant
  • Neutral but unique
  • Innovative and inspiring
  • “Modern” retrospective

Mandatory requirements

  • If you decide to visualize your idea with renderings, please also add CAD designs, sketches or drawings -  as Kickstarter doesn’t allow for photorealistic renderings we want you to be on the safe side in case you’ll be the lucky Early Bird winner! Instead, try to provide a moving image of the machine rotating so we can imagine it more lively. 
  • The machine should not weigh more than 10kg.
  • Attached you'll find the logo - implement it in a very subtle and high-end way (don't just print it - think of a classier solution).
  • It should be a super easy and slick one button handling - turn the wheel to select one of the 5 filter coffee roasting degrees, press to start. And speaking of roasting degrees: How does the machine indicate the current roasting profile? Is there a display? Or just a color hint? 
  • We’re all about usability. How to easily clean the machine, fill in the water and the beans needs some thorough thinking: The water tank shouldn’t be too high, parts that need to be cleaned should be quickly detachable. Find a way to make all handling hassle-free!
  • And how do you avoid maloperation? We don’t want the users to mistake the water tank for the bean chamber. Think User-Interface!
  • How do you simplify dosing, so users can manually as well as technically control the proportion of beans and water? What they fill in, will always be used completely.
  • It’s a feast for all senses - especially seeing the beans pop like corn! Think about how to enhance the roasting experience - e.g. by a glass window to the roasting chamber? 
  • Understand the rawness of the product: coffee beans are skinned by a silver chaff that pops off during the roasting process. The machine detaches them into the ground coffee cabin after brewing. Unless you have an idea how to get the user to interact with the silver skins?
  • Filter coffee fans will love this: permanent or one-time filters are both an option. What will you implement and how will you stage it?
  • We’ll implement a detachable water filter to also give households without the perfect tap water the freshest coffee possible. Be sure to take the sizes from our details section and install it properly.
  • The roasting smoke is sucked through a carbon filter in the back of the machine so you smell only that freshly roasted coffee aroma. How do you make that detachable?
  • Coffee geeks will know: A roasting curve is bouncing because the raw beans are cold when filled in the roaster. So the machine needs to preheat the roaster before beans are filled in. But how do you make the machine notice when a user is about to make coffee? 
  • Get rid of that usual hotplate - it’s a power guzzler, coffee wrecker and cause of fire. So how do you build an isolating coffee jug that still looks good on the kitchen table?
  • Now about our stretch goal options for Kickstarter (that is, if we exceed our funding goal):
    • First we’d implement a timer function so the coffee is always ready when you are
    • And secondly, we would love to build an app that makes your smart-phone a remote control and ordering tool. How would the user interface reflect this?
  • And last but not least: do not forget the on/off power switch, necessary for all household electronic devices.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.


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Project terms

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