Making a big volume look lighter + elegant. super intuitive Interaktion. Logo gives visual feedback


- new water tank position
- individual mugs and stands
- user guidance-concept
- less glass on the top to reduce production-costs

small update 4
individual stand in steel, wood or concrete
body tapers slightly to the bottom to make it slimmer

small update 3
concept for easy two in one discharging of coffeground and silver chaff
concept for airfilter-replacement

small update 2
redesign of main volume. To make it look lighter and delicate it is carried by a
gracile metall frame.
Mug made from glass. Has "doubled walls with air inside" for isolation
Filter-Storage has the shape of a filter to intuitively show what is inside. Push
to open end close.

small Update: 
  • - some tweaks on the interaction to meet the physical requirements 
  • - visual feedback
  • - mood and color

Feedback welcome :)

A quick sketch of a simple easy to use interaction concept.
Depending on the possibility of a front window to view the roast process there are two versions for the interface.

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