Coffee Mug [V 5.0 + Video]
Uses a central gate system to ensure each stage is controlled separately (see images).


The idea is to create a very elegant coffee machine in the shape of a coffee mug.
3 different woods in the colors similar to the states of the beans:
- on top:
darkened glass as a top lid on light wood container (non-roasted beans, which even secures the beans from sunlight)
- in the middle:
darker wood (roasted beans, maybe even glass?)
- on the bottom:
very dark wood in association to the color of the dark coffee

Buttons and dividers are made of brushed aluminum or brushed stainless steel.

Either different wooden textures or simple colors in earth tones might be used.

The filter area can either be swung open to the side or a sort of a sleigh which can be slid to the front. If it's a sleigh the water tank can also be plced on the back of the sleigh (see images).

Additionally there are mugs available in the same style as the coffee machine supporting the special design of the machine.

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