HummingBird -a classy retroversion-


hey, it's six in the morning. and everyone loves to have a cup of coffee. everything is made from the fresh. the wind of coffee has its own energy. it is a hummingbird that serve this tasty ones. -hmm

let's make a coffee, hmm, we have coffee beans here, but first let's roast them. the roasting tube is located in conjunction between water tank and brewing unit. okay, turn the first knob, let's see the cooking looks, so the tube is replaceable with acrylic ones if there should be a visible green beans. after waiting, yes! the roasting done! then we detach the roasting tube, let's proceed directly to brew this. hmm, unfortunately we have to prepare the water, oh, the water has been prepared yesterday, luckily this vapor chamber stainless steel tank is really reliable on storing my hot water. i think we should make it hotter a little bit! turn the second knob. 
let's make coffee now!
go to the eye of hummingbird, proceed to put the roasted beans carefully into this rustmetal looks tank. okay, done. then turn the last knob! we should hear the coffee is being grinded and ready to brew. push the last knob to have your coffee! don't forget to place your cup though.

-hmm tasty

spilled? if too much water spilled in the drain, the coffee residue will tell you from the drain hole, that said, you have to make it empty

feature of design:
- design is retro, organic.
- featuring full process of coffee beans
- no 'techy' looks or features
- simply modern inside technology
- use friendly material, many are from the recycled

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