Roast-n-Brew Coffee Machine
This Coffee Machine has transformed from the ugly-duck concept drawing into this beautiful swan.


The Roast-N-Brew Coffee Machine will roast, grind, and brew your coffee in a visually entertaining way.  Using induction heat, the unit will roast the beans in a stainless steel chamber which rotates under a protective dome.  Heat transfer with induction technology is instantaneous, so no preheating is required. The tinted dome serves as a viewing window and also reduces the sound of the tumbling beans. Both the dome and the roasting chamber can be easily removed for cleaning. With induction heat, only the roasting cylinder gets hot.  Heat rises, and dissipation of that warmth is accomplished using an internal fan which draws air from below the cooling tray and out the back (or side) of the machine.  The fan also helps remove the chaff of the roasted bean.  At the end of the roast cycle, the cylinder reverses causing the beans to dump into the cooling tray (see video example).  Once cool, the finished beans are then transferred to the hidden hopper for grinding directly into the filter cup (which is stashed out-of-sight in the area above the thermal carafe). The back of the machine can be opened to remove and clean or replace any of the internal components including the water reservoir (something most machines don't offer). Each of the four buttons on the front perform a specific function which is displayed on the LED screen. The machine is designed around the most proven and efficient roasting process which is tumble roasting.  A proper roast is the most critical component of the entire process and its importance cannot be overlooked. Roasting produces substantial heat that must be effectively exhausted from the roast chamber in order to create a properly roasted bean with robust flavor.  Both the front and back of this machine are attractively designed to allow it to sit on an island countertop or against a wall. The thermal carafe is accessible from either the front or back of the machine. One of the goals in this design was to keep the exterior smooth for easy cleaning and to keep the beans stored inside the machine and protected from contaminates during each step.  For this reason the original idea of having an open hopper in front was abandoned.  I chose a large LED on front because I can't see well without my glasses and need to get coffee going quickly in the morning.  As I work on the internal layout, I will be looking to use the water reservoir as a heat-sink so the machine is better suited to self-cooling.  One advantage to this sturdy design is the amount of internal space it provides for arranging the necessary components. Stay thirsty my coffee loving friends.

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