Old design is rather high, made a new proposal to make it lower.


Bonaverde App:

Machine can be reached via IP-address (just like the security cameras you can view and control from  distance with your smart phone). It has a monitoring function: Water level and beans level are monitored and you can start up the heating chambre with this app on your smartphone.

Cost indication:

Plastic Parts : Injection moulding

Housing_Left:   475 x 220 x 325 mm  8,-
Housing Right: 480 x 235 x 325 mm   9,-
Housing Mid: 450 x 130 x 300 mm   15,- 
(wood structure by www.perfect-finish.de)
Filter_Housing: 100 x 220 x 140 mm 5,-
Beans tank:  130 x 140 x 210 mm   6,-
Drip_plate: 260 x 280 x 5 mm 2,-
Turning knob:  45 x 10 mm 1,-
LED display: 60 x 10 mm 10,-
Start button:  25 x 10 x 5 mm 0,5

Plastic Parts: Blow moulding/ Welded to be watertight

Watertank: 180 x130 x 140 mm 10,-

Aluminium Base:   320 x 470 x 425 mm to be defined

For all the parts excluding the base I estimated a very roughly ( I base the prices on personal expirience and I have the feeling they are too high) 66,5 euro. This means that for the base 33,5 euro are left, it has to be investigated if an all aluminium base can be produced for this. If not maybe it can be covered with plates of alumimium/steel , inmoulded, textured or painted. Also the principle from www.perfect-finish.de could be used here maybe.

Like I said aal prices are based on my own estimations and expirience. To have a real quote we have to ask a production company and then it also depends if the production is locally or in Asia.

Some specifications:

- Water tank and filter slide out to the left and the beans tank to the top.

These  parts have such a different form that mixing up is almost impossible. But by adding a clever hole structure it is IMPOSSIBLE to fill the watertank with beans and to fill the beans tank with water (picture will follow.)

Since this is a new process for a coffeemachine (at least I have never seen it before) I want to have a shape which in nothing looks like coffee machines which are currently on the market. 

A aluminium frame carries the coffee-making unit.  This coffee-making unit is based on the shape of a coffee bean. The middle part of this "bean" has got a wood structure. 

This middle section not only demonstrates the way the coffee goes (from top into the can) but is also a figurative sign of the smoke/smell which comes from a fresh cup of coffee

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