UPDATE:!! I have changed the design to look more Dieter Rams style and to lower the prod.costs


Cost indication:

Plastic Parts : Injection moulding

Housing_Left:   340 x 365 x 155 mm  8,-
Housing Right:  340 x 365 x 155 mm   8,-
Housing Mid: 150 x 280 x 160 mm    6,- 
Filter_Housing: 100 x 220 x 140 mm 5,-
Beans tank:  150 x 150 x 90  mm   6,-
Turning knob:  45 x 10 mm 1,-

LED display: 60 x 10 mm   10,-
Start button:  25 x 10 x 5 mm 0,5

Plastic Parts: Blow moulding/ Welded to be watertight

Watertank: 200 x 185 x  60 mm 10,-

Aluminium Base:   340 x 315 x 290  mm to be defined

For all the parts excluding the base I estimated a very roughly ( I base the prices on personal expirience and I have the feeling they are too high) 54,5 euro. This means that for the base 45,5 euro are left, it has to be investigated if an all aluminium base can be produced for this. If not maybe it can be covered with plates of alumimium/steel , inmoulded, textured or painted. Also the principle from could be used here maybe.

Like I said all prices are based on my own estimations and expirience. To have a real quote we have to ask a production company and then it also depends if the production is locally or in Asia.

I started the design of the machine with an elliptical/egg shape.  Added to this base shape are the front feet and the alumimium back feet which is a  separate part. If have made the shape more square in the later versions because I felt that this comes closer to designs of Dieter Rams.

It looks like the device is floating in the air.  In the middle unit a cut-out in the middle is made. This cut-out forms   the central unit. In this central unit the beans are placed and the roasting , brewing, filtering takes place. In the outer unit the water tank, air filter, silver shaft chambre are  placed.

The button in the centre is used to select the roasting level. It can be rotated and the desired roasting level will be visible through the LED's  when ready the start button can be pushed.

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