Exploded rituals
This machine gives to the user a possibility to see the travel from the green bean to the hot coffee


The ritual of the coffee takes an important place in our lives, but the machines we use during these rituals have changed significantly over time. For example, the coffee machine has become more and more simple to use. You need only press a button to turn on the object and get what you need. Losing manipulation means that we begin to value the shape while neglecting to understand the systems that are the basis for these machines.

For example, losing physical interaction with the object means that the ritual of the coffee is merely a matter of several minutes: the user changes the filter, adds the coffee and water, and presses the on button. But how does it work? Even if the system is not complicated, as long as it remains hidden inside of a plastic shell, people cannot understand the mechanism.
My first step was to open a coffee machine to see all the parts and the flow of the water.
My second step was to rebuild it, leaving space between the various elements using an outside structure that supports all the parts, showing the system and giving more interest to the assembled object.
This arrangement has a strong effect on the ritual of using the machine. Every part is connected to a handle in a legible way, and the whole process of making coffee is transformed into a playful experience for the user. By exaggerating the physical movements involved in the process, the object acauires a bigger presence and the mechanical actions gain clarity from the user’s perspective. Altogether, the series of movements determined by the handles creates a stronger ritual.

My final proposal is about showing the process from the coffee bean to the cup of coffee, creating a stronger ritual with diverse and complex movements and mechanisms.
Taking care of the coffee process means being closer to the object and also to the final result - in this case, the coffee.
You will follow the transition from the green bean to the hot coffee. The object will consist of many elements including a roaster, grinder, steam machine, different containers for the coffee, water and sugar, a delivery system for the cups, a gas bottle and many gas burners, and everything connected by an open framework.

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