Coffee`s house worker
Coffee machine like housewifely house worker


Coffee machine made ​​of metal, plastic, wood , and a few exceptions style Dieter Rams. Coffee machine fully accommodates all the units, which are provided by the task.

For ease of use, I add LEDs display that shows (top to bottom ) the time the firing temperature , the status bar of the device ( "waiting..." - in the process of making coffee, "ready" - the device is ready for use ), the following icons are shown on all 3 phases to make coffee : roasting , grinding , grinding and mixing with water.

Under the display is the knob for grinding , combined with the start button.

As a device for measurements of grain I suggest using a plastic measuring cups . Designed to measure the amount of grain needed to make coffee, varying degrees of strength . Cup volume 0.15 L, 0.5 L and 1.0 L. Division into cups show the strength of your coffee. For example, if you typed in a glass 0,15 l grain yellow (Weak) mark you get weak and easy on the coffee strength , according to a brown mark (Strong) strong and invigorating coffee.