Coffee Dog - The mans (and womans) best friend
A charming, coffee machine with legs. Easy to access. Easy to clean. Unique and outstanding.


For many of us, coffee is more than just a beverage. It's not only the first thing, most of us enjoy in the morning to raise our blood pressure. It keeps us company during the day. It is there when we meet with friends to discuss politics and weather and it is there, when you need that one or two more hours of energy to finish this project before the dawn.

Although it is almost a friend, and an important one of course, it rarely has a beautiful place in our houses.

Our main goal was to give coffee a face. And because we cannot shape the liquid, we chose to give the machine itself a friendly form.

Our coffee machine should remind you of a fellow dog or - insert favorite four legged animal here - that waits for you when you wake up and is already there when you come home.

We do not want to hide the mechanics, but to show as much as possible. Giving the machine legs, allows you also to use the space underneath it to store the coffee can and coffee mugs. Also it makes cleaning underneath the machine much much easier! Remember that last time you moved the big coffee machine to find a city of dust and breadcrumbs underneath? Not anymore.

Also the water container is shaped in a flat way, which allow easy filling even with low water faucets. Everything can easily be accesses from the sides or the front.

The unique aesthetics will make marketing of the machine much easier. You do not to point out something is different here, people just see. And the fresh take on coffee making needs a fresh take on coffee machine design.

We re-arranged the given parts, but kept all sizes almost the same as given. This should make the further development easy, because we kept the interior mechanic in mind.

No clunky monolith blocking half your kitchen, no uninspired coffee machine that could be from any manufacturer in the world. An outstanding, clever and iconic design is the only real choice for this truly astonishing mechanic.

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