A simple unique and cost effective design.


I try to give the BV-Coffee-Machine a simple but unique look in a cost-effective way. There are two main parts in my design. The body is made of white plastic that is shaped like “P” and two side supports made of wood are completely detachable and clip to main body. Those two wooden supports are looks like “C”. So I named my machine “C-for-coffee”. The interface is very simple. At top, there is a cabin for pouring raw coffee seeds. There is a plastic mechanical aperture with a knob, which controls how much coffee seeds will go to the grinder. This plastic aperture is low cost and easily available. Grinding unit is also in a transparent cabin. I put a power button with LED just middle of the grind-level controlling knob. When any one power the machine the power LED will red and after pre-heating when the machine is ready it becomes green. The grinding level is indicated by a digital display. In the right side, there is a water-flow control knob. This is mechanical flow control system attached to the water supply pipe. That is also very cheap and commonly used in house hold. The back of the machine is completely flat, as it helps to assemble or service the inner part of the machine. The power unit is at the bottom and easily accessible through a drawer. Air filter tray and air vent system is also in the back. I have used a inlet type water filter which is completely detachable and may be used separately in house hold. And one can connect this directly to the tap outlet and make a connection to the coffee-machine by a flexible pipe.

I have designed a isolated coffee jug also. The coffee jug is double walled with a air-gap. The lid has a hole at top to pour the coffee and a small thermally isolated cap can close that. After closing the cap you may lock the whole cattle by spinning the top a little.

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