Tribute to Dieter Rams
A tribute to some of Dieter Rams design


This coffee machine is inspired by some of dieter Rams design. Not the Braun coffee machine but more the radios, hifi and loudspeakers.

It's composed of three parts:
1) The machine itself with all the required mechanical parts
2) the coffee pot with a detachable wool-felt cover and an stainless steel filter (no need to add a paper filter). The wool-felt has two goals:1) keep the coffee warm after the coffee is made; 2) avoid burning taking the coffee pot and serving the coffee.
3) the water tank. It's also used to measure the amount of coffee beans needed for a particular number of cups.

The coffee machine is made of european cherry wood and lacquered metal sheet. 

The central button has two utility: 1) select the roasting level described in words (New England, Amercian, Light French, French, Italian; 2) select the grinding level.

The coffee making process is displayed in an old radio style display backlighted when the coffee machine is on.

Have a nice coffee time.

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