Bonaverde Concrete
Bonaverde Concrete coffee machine


Modern lines and neutral colors are suitable for wide spectrum of users.
They are extracted from latest trends styles and forms in modern architecture.
Form is also made with goal to show all coffee processes from roasting to grinding and coffee making.

 Composition is made of new  quality plastics and best materials from nature.

Concrete is chosen for base shell to represent the quality and continuance of product.Also dark oak wood is here ,to make harmony with other materials and to remind the user of nature every time when machine is used.
Material are picked to represent nature composition ,from ground over  surface to sky.

      Buttons are made with low electricity power ,and they are used only with touch.

-Turning ON -By touching Bona Verde logo ,machine is turned on ,and logo shows blue light ,when green light is turned on ,machine is ready to make coffee.
Machine have 3 modes for making coffee ,one small coffee ,one big coffee , making two coffees  in same time , and of curse there is steamer mode.

When coffee making button is pressed ,it will show white light,when button shows green light ,coffee is ready.