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The new Deutsche Bahn Lab needs a unique brand identity.


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Hi everyone, welcome to this new challenge!

I will be your guide so please feel free to contact me with questions - if they are related to the Briefing feel free to leave your comment here. I will be watching out for them and make sure they get answered.

Looking forward to see your innovative logos and name suggestions for the new “DB Lab” !

should it be a german or an english name?

Hi there Daniel! The task says "Develop a name and a logo for the new “DB Lab” that satisfy the high international standards of the DB. So yes, it should be internationally understood - which means: English please :) Just like the working title “DB Lab” Thanks

Hi Dora, that sounds like an exciting competition :) ....but, to find a name and design a logo are definitely two tasks. I do not understand why both are lumped together.

Hi Clari, glad you find it exciting! :)

Yes, it's a "branding" task, which includes name and logo. We've have had similar projects in the past with great outcome.

Hi there Dora, I do agree with Clari, the brief sounds exiting .-) But I do also wonder about the "lumping together". The Licencing Fees and the Client's Choices are split into one for best name and one for best logo. Does that mean that Client will chose a name and a logo and then "recombine" or "redesign" them? And if so, should we also show that a logo or would work seperately on aditional slides?

Regards S

about 6 years ago

Hi Dora, my thoughts were similar to Claris, because the client's choices are split into a choice of the best name and of the best logo. So I wonder how best to present ideas for names and logos. As a name and separate logo? Combinded?

Regards S

Dear Pinstripe! One idea should ideally consist of 1 name and 1 logo. Together in 1 submission. Thanks a lot!

Hi this open for participation by residents of all nationalities or are there any restrictions to the same?

Sure - it IS open to ALL nationalities! Would love to see your ideas too! :)

Hi Dora, could we combine two words??? i.e, (real + lab = relab), 2ndly should it be in German or English??? and strongly agreed with clari!!!


Hi there! I just answered the language questions above. The name should be internationally understood. There are no restrictions to combining words.

Hi! Looking at the brief, the project is asking to develop a name & logo. Could we create a new "word" or unique acronym? It may sound weird & very strange in pronunciation, or it just looks meaningless, but looks creative & fun. Can we be ... very wild & very free to develop the name & logo?

Hi there! Thanks for checking. Absolutely - it's okay here to create new words. You have a lot of freedom with both name and logo - for now especially before a Halftime Feedback.

Hi Dora. Can I submit several name ideas in a single presentation?

Hi there David, good question! Please submit all (name) ideas separately - Thanks!

Dear all,

So exciting to see how much happened here already over the first weekend! Absolutely amazing - you guys are fast as lightning :) Thanks for that!

Just a quick first feedback from us:

Great to see a big variety of ideas! One thing we wanted to point out is, that your idea can be even more free and independent from the DB brand. That's also what we meant with : "Tonality > should not be: company-oriented" and "The brand should function independently."

So really free yourselves for now from much DB and rail tracks :) Thanks!

Looking forward to the next 25 days - keep them coming!

Just a hint, I think all participants should check via google and domain check whether the name is still in use or free. It makes no sense to use an assigned name.

That's a totally fair point - thanks for pointing it out again.

Regarding internationally recognized - I see positive comments on names coming from the Jovoto crew on names that are German only. Can you define Internationally recognizable to help the community decide whether we focus on German words or generic and universally understood English terms. I'm confused or am I verwirrten... who writes these briefs?

Hi there Lee!

As long as the name is internationally recognizable : great! It's not necessarily english vs. german - but yes, english is a "safer" option so to say. Since you have a lot of creative freedom and word combinations are also welcome as mentioned above, there are endless possibilities. Maybe an english name with a german touch? ;) Surprise us! (Not sure what u mean with the positive comments part)

I hope this helps, Best, Dora

Helps a lot thanks. I know it's not German vs English, I was just a bit confused with some entries focusing on German words/slang that might be interpreted as something other than intended. Off topic but one of my favorite German words is "warum" and thought of the idea of warumnot - as in warum nicht. It's a great question that offers so much possibilities to answer creatively...

Hi Lee, Weldon, doing a great effort for justifying the whole scenario, of-course many were confused. Good Luck :) Regards Ikram

haha warumnot? i like that. maybe we should start using it :)

hi Dora, how do I erase an idea that doesn't fit and I posted?

Hi there! If it's within 24 hours, you should be able to delete your slide(s). After that period you need to contact the project guide (that would be me here) with a message including a description and links what you wish to get deleted. Thanks!

Just want to make a point on IP Law. As it is ever increasingly difficult to find a completely original name nowadays without the fear of infringement of copyright, this should not stop us from being as creative and as flexible as we can be. There's lots of IP solutions for companies such as use of descriptive words in their mark and also not to forget organisations can go into co-existence agreements which are all handled by IP Lawyers.

I think we should not let this deter the creative freedom and process we are all showing in our submissions. I think it's important and our job to do some good research on URL availability and to check Google to see if names have been overused, which can be a problem with "confusion of interest".

IP law is a very specialised area and we should put our faith in whatever choices the client makes, they will surely consult with their specialist law team and not us as designers direct.

Anything to add from Jovoto?

Thanks a lot for the encouragement, Lee! We agree! = )

  • A short URL and search engine check is fine.
  • Please let your inspiration flow straight into a smart and unique name for this visionary incubator of innovation. = )
  • And once again – please don´t get too close to the "rail"- and "train"-world with your wording – the focus is on innovation and the lab's name should function independently.

Yours Jesko

Hi guys, when you submit a name that combines two words, or a word you've created, please do add a small descriptive of your idea, otherwise people might disregard your idea if it's just one image laying there with nothing else,...

So true! Thanks for your encouragement!

hi Dora, i submitted 2 ideas ThoughtTrain Labz and TrainOfThought Labz purely as name suggestions without designing the logo, but now i see that they are not showing in the list of all ideas, are they deleted? i'm just a writer not a designer, can i not participate without designing a logo?

please disregard above comment, i browsed through and found my text only idea still visible :)

Okay no problem - I am glad this is cleared :) You know: you could also team up with a designer if you don't know how to do it yourself. The task is in the end "branding" : meaning name AND logo. Thanks!

yes Dora i have used the "invite collaborator" button, hoping it works out :)

Oh cool! And who did you invite / select to collaborate with?

That is my problem, too. I can not find myuploaded idea (even if it wasn't a good one...)

Dear All,

we just got the halftime feedback confirmed for tomorrow. So please sharpen our ideas and polish your presentation for a profound halftime feedback.

Yours Jesko

Hey everyone! Here's a heads up that we had the Halftime Feedback talk today with DB - and the outcome of it is now posted in the according section of the Briefing. Check it out!

Great halftime feedback! :)

well, i don't really understand why there are many uploads, where the domains are already existing. i also had some names i liked, then i checked them and they already exist, so i don't upload them, to be honest, for me no entry with an exsisting name can be top rated!

Dear Grico,

thanks for checking the domains that you had in mind and encouraging other to do so, too. We don´t expect huge research – but a quick check should be done.

Yours Jesko

well, it doesn't seems so unfortunately! It's easy to make a domain check... it's quite unmotivating...

Yes, I had the same problems, finding names, because for "good" names, the domains are already existing ;))) Now I understand, that we are very free to create names ;D

:) not only names! personally i would prefer some limits from the clients side, i think would be better to hafe somehow a direction, anyways. have fun everybody!

It's like "groping in the dark."

I don't know if anybody else has this problem, but for me is very hard to update my idea - every time I upload a new photo and press "SAVE", it says "Your changes have been saved" - but the new uploaded picture is not visible, instead it's that small icon for broken image. I have to delete it and upload it again for about 10 times or more, and eventually it works..

Hi there, Thanks for notifying! If this or any other technical problem occurs again, please pm me!

We'll have a look into it!

Dear Community, it makes me a little tired of seeing again and again the same "mock-ups". An idea isn't better when it is placed in 10 mockups........Also I think it's not fair to rate a "great presentation" which is not from you.

greetings, Clarissa

Nice one clari! I suggest, jovoto should provide some mockups along with the briefing, which every participant is supposed to use. So the presentation would be the same for everyone, only the quality of the idea would be different and could be rated accordingly.

I skip the greetings...

hi clari and h20, good points, did wonder about that too ...

Hi there, thanks for your thoughts - we will take all suggestions and feedback into consideration.

@clari. I totaly agree!!! Exactly my thoughts and words under the briefing in so many contests.
@H2O. This is a very good idea!!! My support for that suggestion! @all. I'm sooo bored of all these mockups. No single star more from me for using mockups.

"Idea limit. In this project you can submit max. 5 ideas. " -but I see some people here with 7 entries. ??? anyone?

forget my question. Now i see. it's collaborators. then, another question. If I work with someone, it's 5 more (new) ideas. right?

Hi svitla, I invited my girlfriend to help me designing the logos for my names. I followed her the last days when she was designing for jovoto. I found this project interesting and got some ideas for names so I decided to join this project, too. If this is not ok, please tell us, this should be no problem and we don't want to annoy anybody here!

Hi there! Sure, we are glad you joined the project too :) and glad you find it interesting too!

Thank you! Yes, this is a great way to create and see many, many different ideas. To improve your own and to help others to improve theirs as well. Good thing!

Hi there svitla - It should be 5 submissions in total. Where do you see creatives with 7 entries? Cheers, Dora

it's collaborators. sorry. blind with my eyes :))

People, when creating a complex lab name, try to starts first word with a consonant , next one a vowel , nex one consonant and so on. Please do not make people twist their tongue. - small list of names

Dear everyone!

We have entered the last week of this task - only 4 days left to submit and edit your ideas!

Please think about uploading and updating everything within the next days, don't miss the deadline on Nov 14, 2014 at 17:00 UTC+0100!

Please also go trough your submissions and maybe check once again if anything is missing. Try to add a subtle Reference to DB for example if it's not there yet.

Thanks a lot! :)

woow. one of my entries goes 43. places down in less that 12 hours. it's new record. dirty dancing again.

Well, there's one answer to that: Rating Monitoring! ;) (thanks for your patience!)

Now I've had the time of my life No I never felt like this before ... Haha. Jokes apart, I often have the same feelings with my entries, Svitla.

One of my entries just jumped about 90 places back.... well, yes! I love this feeling, too :D

There are so many names with no useful free domain (com, org, net) or with a trademark protection.

I wonder about good but so simple names that obviously cannot be free!!! A good visual cannot compensate a name that the client isn't able to use.

I also find it a pity that those who submit only free names, get more on the back places.

Hi Dora. I tried to delate some old screen but I didn´t work. Can you help me?

Sure, I certainly can! Just send me a pm with links and description. Cheers :)

Hiya Dora, I did send you a PM to delete a few slides. Can you please sort that as well? Cheers ;)

This is it: the end is nigh!

Tomorrow, Nov 14, 2014 at 17:00 UTC+0100 the submission period will come to an end. Until then make sure you upload everything you're working on, in terms of new ideas as well as updates of the already submitted ones (like a reference to DB if it's missing).

Thanks again for participating, really nice to see so many different submissions here! :) And now: go go go!

I'm having some trouble when trying to upload or delete the pics. Sometimes it takes a few trials but some others it doesnt want to work

Hi there! Did it work out? You can always send me a PM with specific descriptions and I will assist you until files are up - or down (whichever you wish ;)) CHeers!

Ladies and gentleman, this was great!

Thank you all for participating, we just ended the submission period with just above 500 submissions and and wild variety of ideas!

Now the rating only phase begins - in which you can continue to spread your ******s to those you think deserve it.

So far you (we) have left just above 5139 ratings and I am sure this number will be more impressive in 7 days ;)

I will let you know!

I'm a bit pi... off! The name didn't matter ANYONE. Many names just do not go! No free domain (exept of dot berlin, bayern, koeln or club), no chance of registration. Obviously the main thing is that there is a big mockup firework around. But 5 minutes researche seems to be too much. The last open contest for me with such unproffesional criterias. Sorry but it's just annoying!

I have participated on this platform after taking some time off due to the reasons you have mentioned and also few other designers have felt same. The platform and the concepts are all full of great mock-ups and the community keeps voting for the best looking presentations. I have seen great concepts not reaching TOP 10 in community rankings, many a times. I believe that the contest guides who are aware of the requirements and the criteria should themselves vote for the best community designs. The client can later on select the winners but atleast the community winners will be well awarded because of the voting by the GROUP of Contest Guides, who are unbiased to any designer or design.

I agree with you, Dasharath. Recently I saw a submission where someone enhanced that he only liked the embossed style (mock-up) of the logo and disliked the "normal" flat picture although the logo was exactly the same in both. And this is no individual case for sure. Mock-ups are OK, but not the most important factor. For me a good idea is worth much more. A group of contest guides - I would be in favour of it.

Exactly... the point of my discussion is that JOVOTO proposes that you can submit your pencil sketch, if you believe in the concept. It is a great initiative but is lost in the herd of mock-ups. The name, logo design, concept, client requirement, nature of business and so many more things are not even considered by the community while voting. The most pleasing mock-ups end up being the best in community awards. Frustrating but it is the truth. I believe that community voting should give you KARMA points and Contest Guide's voting should give you Community Winners. The client can thus select there final winners later on!!!

agreed, it is not objective anymore

also since jovoto hide the ranks, everything seem to be absurd, no one got any direction on what idea that is deserved to be on top and ones which is not, it was just like playing roulette, the most eyecatching and the lucky one wins.. since overwhelming number of ideas and the time that users has to rate them

and maybe also, to whom submit an idea earlier, gets first page place, so the date filter function the first idea first, not the way around (most recent), this intended to avoid late minute uploading habits :) just a thought

i don't see why mockups are such a big issue! if you have a client and you are designing a logo for this client don't you want to present your idea with something that will let him understand how your logo looks on deferent surfaces? this is the exact same thing. plus here is much more important to do this because there are so many ideas and you want yours to be an eye catch and much more interesting from others! thats my opinion anw!

oh and names do matter. to me anw. i post and delete two ideas which the domain name was registered to someone else. it was silly to post my ideas before i check if the name was free? yes! but when i checked the names i asked Dora to delete them and so she did. and i am very thankful for that!

Im not against that and i do agreed with you guys! But its just an extra tool to present your work! Thats it!

Hi guys! Thanks for picking up this issue - you are right, it's important to discuss it.

Firstly about the presentation: Yes, a good presentation is important - of course everyone who wants to sell something wants to present it well - and there's nothing wrong with that. But for your concerns we have also decided that for the future, the next Branding project, we wish to work with something we call "fax test" - which basically means that in every presentation the 2nd slide will have to be only the logo: black on white. That way it will be easier to directly see if it works well on it's own or not.

Since it's also the rating only phase right now, **please make sure you pay extra attention to always vote on the design itself and not just a presentation! Thanks!

About the names: You are right that a basic quick research was required - but in the end the client will have to do the real in-depth research - and if they really like a name there's a possibility that they could also buy some other domain than .com / .de or twist it a bit, add "db" etc… Throughout the whole Project the client was very open to all directions and suggestions. " (…) we do not expect you to research your name suggestion in any great depth or with regards to possible legal ramification."

Thanks a lot! Best, - Dora**

Thanks Dora, but i still believe that Contest Guide's should award the community prize. 1. Community Winners - Voted by the Team of Jovoto (Contest Gudes) Voting by the Contest Guides will save you a lot of time with Voting Period and also a lesser stress on Monitoring the community ratings. 2. Karma Points - Voted by the community 3. Client Choice - Selected by the client Firstly about the presentation: Yes, a good presentation is important - of course everyone who wants to sell something wants to present it well - and there's nothing wrong with that. But for some reasons community keeps voting for the presentations and not the design. The presentation affects more to the community than the actual client, in which case a good design loses on community prize. While client selects one winner (or maybe 2 or 3) Community prizes are rewarding for those who have great ideas. This is the main concern, the great designs do not get rewarded by the community and are also not the client's first choice which is again very discouraging. I do not see people doing enough study while they vote, they just go by the face value of the presentation.

You are 100% right Dasharath Desai. Face value of presentation and Friendship.

Rollercoaster DB Lab! =D

Haha. Xavier, you are our class clown. ;-) Fax test? Maybe a criterium for a logo, but one which counts less more and more nowadays. But I believe this test won’t change anything in the rating behaviour.

I think Xavier is referring to the ratings causing ideas go up and down :) Rating Monitoring is on it's waaaay!

I said it once and i say it again. I suggest, jovoto should provide some mockups along with the briefing, which every participant is supposed to use. So the presentation would be the same for everyone, only the quality of the idea (logo) would be different and could be rated accordingly.

But apart from that, i also say:" A good designer should be able to tell the difference between a good and a crappy logo even if the crappy one is well presented. "

So using mockups might not be the real problem here.

Maybe in the next contests when a name and domain are requested, could be aded a voting based on its availability or not.

" A good designer should be able to tell the difference between a good and a crappy logo even if the crappy one is well presented. " agreed!!!

sorry i copied it wrong! ;)

Personally I found it difficult and I did not have time to vote all. From my point of view are many things that need to be assessed, not just the logo... also the name, originality, sound, the whole set of logo and name ... a lot! While some logos deserve with 10 perhaps the name is not the most appropriate, and backwards! It is not just mockups or presentation (totally agree with H2O). I think it would have been helpful, also a difference in the ratings what the naming, logo design and brand itself. The fax test, moreover, seems perfect.

Hi & thank you all for the discussion and for the suggestions! @Inkice: we did have a rating in this project where you could separately vote for the name / logo design.

Yes, Dora, I used the break ranking. But I realized that the "real" ranking was for the overall rating. I could not see the stars in logo and name separately when checking my feedback to other designs. Personally to me it has helped me to orient myself, but for the purposes of general ranking, I have not been reflected

Dear Inkice,

thanks a lot for making up your mind about rating ideas the most fair way. Right, the platform does not show a "rank" by "logo" or "name" – but of course the "split voting" by category calculates the weights of your ratings into the overall rank.

Yours Jesko

I would like to know when will the winners be selected!? =]

Hey there! Soon :) We ask for a little longer for you patience. Thank you!

No problem!! I'm just curious. ;] Thank you so much Dora!!

@Dora: 5 days ago you said "soon"! I can't imagine what it would mean, if you say: " It might take a while."

Well, guess what: I'm just about to close the project ;)

Expected closing tome: today!

I wasn't expecting that! But guess what: Patience has never been my strong suit!

Correction / more precise: this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

For my what? My character needs to be updated, to implement this feature!

hahaha.. Well, here we go! No need for character update btw ;)

I'm happy you see it like that!

Dear all,

thanks to everyone for participating - we have the Community Prize Winners! Give it up for:

CONGRATS to all!

As usual, we'll let you know about the Client's Choices here under the Briefing as soon as there's any news!

Until then, Best Dora

Well done everybody that participated. Congratulations to the winners!

Congrats to all the winners!!

almost 6 years ago

Congrats to all winners !

Congratulations to the winners :)

"Evil Water" and "Wheel Andy" seem to be a perfect team. Congrats to all winners.

Der "Wolf" hat gesprochen. ;D

Ist übrigens kein Rad sondern eine Kamerablende. ;)

Wolfi ! you could go say Shutter Speed Andy ;)

I honestly have to say, "Evil Water" suits me well. Nice wording Wolfgang!!!

Congratulations to all community winners!!!

Thank you everyone and Congratulations to the winners!! =D

The brief was to design a logo which should be:

playful emotional modern fresh unconventional But it should not be:

classic company-oriented hierarchical conservative dull ........did the community read the brief before voting?!

From me, too! Congtatulations to the winners!

when do we get to know which is the winner for the clients choice?

Hi there Nikolas!

I don't have any infos about this yet. But in general: after each project every client has 6 months to decide about the Client's Choice.

As soon as there's any news we can let you know here in a comment!

Dear All, We have exciting news for you!

Thanks a lot for participating in this project once again. You might have already noticed that the client has chosen their favorites, as the 2 winners are already marked!

Congratulations to the dream team H20 & sidata for winning the prize for BEST NAME with Zugkraft As well as to CreativeNetworx for winning the Client's Choice for BEST DESIGN with redlab Great work everyone!

Congratulations to H20 & sidata and CreativeNetworx for clients choice!!!! Great job!

Congratulations to the Client Choice winners! :)