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The Problem
Classic strategy and innovation processes, which can last for up to several months or years, are often too slow to keep up with the competition and the constantly changing needs and demands of customers. 

The Background
In order to fulfill its innovational aspirations, Deutsche Bahn AG is planning its own innovations lab (working title: “DB Lab”). The aim for this lab is to develop into a competence center and incubator for group-relevant, design-driven product and business innovations. Primarily, the lab’s role should be one of innovative inspiration, consultation and enabler for all the sectors of Deutsche Bahn that deal with the mobility of people (passenger transport). 

In order to receive different, innovative and outstanding branding suggestions, Deutsche Bahn is appealing to you, the jovoto community.

The Aim
The aim of the project is to develop a top-notch branding for the “DB Lab”.  The design should communicate the independence, creativity and expertise as a visionary hotbed and incubator of innovation. 

The Task
Develop a name and a logo for the new “DB Lab” that satisfy high international standards. 
Innovative,  creative, modern, state of the art, entrepreneurial

We are curious to discover your outstanding branding ideas for this innovative and ambitious project.

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