Büble's World!

The first Büble-Contest opened up the space for ideas - Now, Büble wants to see some pictures!

€5,000prize pool

The first Büble-Contest opened up the space for ideas - Now, Büble wants to see some pictures!


The company
The Allgäuer Brauhaus is a regional brewery in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany – the Allgäu. The traditional brewery, which looks back on a history of more than 600 years, proudly proclaims its origins in its name as an active commitment. Nowadays the Allgäuer Brauhaus is the biggest and most significant brewery in the region. Today more than two dozen beers and beer specialties are united under its roof.

The product
This contest focuses on the Büble Bier brand, which was launched in the 1950s and was offered in the traditional swing top bottle even back then. There are historical reasons why there is a picture of a little boy (“Büble”) on the label: when our grandfathers were children they would be sent off by their fathers to fetch beer from public houses and inns, in large, open jugs, to bring back home.

Although the illustration of a child with a pitcher of beer in his hand has triggered political discussions on alcohol in the past, including within the German Advertising Standards Council, the “Büble” has maintained his firmly established position on the label.

Büble Bier is a heartily palatable, medium-bodied, traditional beer. It is a bottom-fermented, specialty beer with a hearty taste and is exclusively available in the traditional swing top bottle. And since 2010 also in a pack of four, the “Allgäuer Handgepäck”.

The competitors
On the local Allgäu market Büble Bier is the “cult brand” that everyone knows and everyone enjoys drinking – across all age groups. A foray into big cities is new terrain for Büble Bier.

The aim of the Allgäuer brewery is to make the most of the potential of the regional Büble Bier brand, to further expand the brand and thereby to generate increased sales.

Political discussion surrounding alcohol issues should be avoided where possible, as it could, under certain circumstances, lead to the removal of the “Büble” image from the label.

In the Allgäu region Büble Bier is regarded as an “insider’s tip”, as a “cult beer” and as “brewery beer”. The relationship between the producer, Allgäuer Brauhaus, and the Büble Bier brand is particularly close here. Our goals are therefore to further develop the brand’s profile, to maintain the status as a “cult beer” and primarily to generate a new market for Büble Bier in the large cities.

The Allgäuer Brauhaus hopes that this contest will generate ideas and arouse interest in the Büble Bier brand, without damaging the good starting situation, uprooting the brand from its Allgäuer home or sacrificing its fans and regular drinkers.

Task Definition

Büble Bier has an unmistakable style and a strong, graphic character with cult potential –beyond the fifties logo, however, the world of the brand has not yet been defined:

Develop a great campaign idea for Büble!

Give your idea a name (claim/slogan) and show which medium you want to use to bring the Büble world to life: from a classic placard or advertisement campaign to a never-seen-before, below the line promotional measure or digital viral campaign.

Target Group

  1. Büble wants to attract new target groups ‘on the scene’ of the big German cities
  2. The regional regular drinkers from the Allgäu across all age groups should not be repelled or excluded by the new campaign.


Terms which outline the tone of the Büble Bier brand are:

  • The beer for beer fans
  • Quality
  • Proud of the brewing tradition
  • Proud of the region

Mandatory requirements

  • Your campaign idea must function in both the new target groups in the big cities as well as in the local region of Büble Bier, the Allgäu.
  • The fifties aesthetic of the logo has a lot of creative potential, but use of it is not obligatory.
  • If the product is marketed on a national level, one should be aware that the Büble image on the label will also attract greater attention from the key authorities responsible for alcohol policy (German Federal Commissioner for Narcotic Drugs, German Centre for Addiction Issues etc.). Bearing this in mind, you should also use the key visual with caution.
  • The campaign claim “Plop das Büble” may not be used anymore
  • The campaign claim “Trink...das Büble” should not be used
  • Büble Bier may not be “uprooted”, which means that it should not lose its fans and regular drinkers
  • Phase 1 of the Büble contest has provided a wealth of ideas. Use these and further develop them. Ensure that you have the consent from your colleagues before you start working on their ideas!

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Juhu, let's go!

Packshot is a broken link so far.. :(

will this be fixed? the image doesn't display...

it seems to be working for everyone else... can you please retry?

Hm, actually I don´t know what to think of this. Those who submitted an idea during phase 1 probably did this in hope that if their idea was to be used, they got at least the prize money for their bought idea.

Now it turns out that all submitted ideas are free to be used in an open contest... Of course there´s the possibility to reject an inquiry for permission to use - but who´ll tell in the end, whether ideas in this contest are original, used with permission or just borrowed? Difficult. To be honest, I´m glad, I didn´t partake in phase 1 ...

@ Janne we expected this to be questioned by those who participated in phase 1, so I'm not surprised at your criticism. Truth is, we suggested to split the contest in concept/visualisation phase to Büble, as the idea made a lot of sense at that time. But as it turned out, it would have been a bit of a too quick decision for Büble to license a concept and stick with it without seeing a corresponding visual world, which I can understand, too. Also, their focus of what they would like to achieve in phase to changed a little with what they learned in phase 1.

We then discussed whether to keep the old concept of phase 1 hidden or whether to let people see the work that had been done there. Showing instead of hiding is the better choice, don't you think? Otherwise it would have been too much of a disadvantage for those joining in on phase 2 with no access to the concepts in phase 1.

Participants of phase 1 are encouraged to keep working on their initial thoughts. Participants joining in on phase 2 can get a scope of what has already been thought of. As in any other contest: copying is not allowed. If someone wants to build up on another person's concept, you must ask for permission or team up.

mit anderen worten : "das ist mein bier! das ist nicht dein bier!"

teigan, you're quite a phenomenon. How many languages to you speak?

moin zusammen!

wenn ich das büble etikett öffne, dann fehlt das büble. :( da stimmt was nicht.

Some of the files can´t be opened by Illustrator CS11. Only in newer versions. Please make the files useable in CS11. Thanks.

Illustrator CS 11 ?? I thought we are on AI 5 ??

prodeo sorry I can't convert down to CS11. which files exactly can't you open?

Sorry problem allready solved. Thanks.

Hello Nadine. Some of the files have missing links, and i don´t have the bottle, only the labels (that´s the missing link, i supose...). Can this be fixed? Thanx a lot!!!

sorry, let me check it, I'll get back to you guys.

we're asking for the missing images in the file 'ausstattung' to be sent, will let you know when it's fixed

Note to all participants: please read the briefing carefully!

Many of the ideas so far are showing very specific examples of campaign ideas.

But, guys, don't go into too much detail yet!

The brief asks for defining an OVERALL campaign idea which works for a variety of types of application. Explore the graphic style or visual world of Büble, find a creative angle and claim/campaign motto, and then show it on an example.

Think about it more abstractly, and really bring out the essence of ideas! Cheers.

Don't forget to read the client's feedback on halftime! http://www.jovoto.com/blog/2011/03/buble-bergfest/

congrats to all other winners to


My congratulations to all the winners!