durchaus moderne büble
adapt and update the look of büble's world in stark minimalist illustration style. this makes extending his world beyond the label art possible.


when looking at ways to add life and motion to büble's world, i found the old illustration style confining.  so i am experimenting with a cleaner abstracted style with thick black outlines.  my hope is to distill the essence of the büble character into something contemporary and fresh, which lends itself better to animation.  the art on the product itself remains unaltered, and the cartoon world is simply a dreamlike extension of the existing artwork on the bottle.

when i began writing the background story, i was using wagner's ring cycle as inspiration, but it doesn't deconstruct well into short segments.  so instead i am creating beer joke monsters like the weisse brauen for büble to run from.

in addition to comics and video, i hope to write an iPHONE app that lets people use büble as a dress-up doll.  i plan to have new outfits to try on every week, so people will come back to the company website for downloads.  büble will blink and fidget while you are selecting accessories.  maybe you have to solve some puzzles or use codes on the beer label to unlock special outfits.  who knows.