tradition & quality
die Tradition, definiert die Qualität!


Allgäu is one of  the

most beautiful regions in Germany.

Büble Bier is one of the famous brand in this region. Let�s make it famous in

all Germany!


Since the original taste of beer is at it�s home with regional landscapes in the background, Büble could support tourism in this region, may use posters, with  unique landscapes in his campaigns.

This comes in line with the tone asked in the briefing:


  • Proud of the region</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>

    I was thinking about an interesting way to support this idea - the elevator.
    When the elevator doors closing, has two beer mugs clinking. When the doors open, you discover a unique landscape just inside the elevator. For people in town always faced with stress and problems it will be like an escape in nature, as a refreshing moment.

    (This idea could also work in bars, pubs with automatic doors)


    • Proud of the brewing tradition</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>

      To suggest that Büble Bier is a beer with tradition, on the background poster from inside the elevator could be people from Allgäu region, dressed in traditional clothes specific to that areas, holding a mug of beer in hand. Mug should have Büble Bier label.

      Another interesting method to make Büble famous is - Conveyor from any market. At one end, there is Allgäu region, to another - a big city. Buble go on conveyor and bring beer from Allgäu region - to big cities.