Büble’s secret World
Büble’s secret World - a campaign in 2 parts.


This is call to DISCOVER! the taste

PART 1: A BTL campaign, centered around the theme: Stammtisch/Regular�s table. An air of mystery, like a conspiracy tale surrounds the new approach to the campaign. Secret engravings on the table are clues to Büble's world (ingredients, taste). 

Guests sitting around the Stammtisch are usually folk that have deep-rooted knowledge about the area, history and their beer. The campaign wants convey the message that Büble is the ultimate secret!

PART 2: A viral marketing campaign in the form of a photo contest that links in on the theme of sharing the secrets of Büble's new world with Büble and the rest of Germany. 

It is a call to all adventurers to take their bottle of Büble on a "trip" to discover the natural or manmade secrets of Germany, be it a city visit or hiking expedition into the Alps. The "highlight" of the trip, the highest peak or the highest building, should be uploaded via MMS and can be viewed on www.bueblewelt.de. The most extreme and remotest areas visited (even worldwide) will be rewarded with a prizes etc. 

On the website all uploaded pics will be located and so the journey of the Büble can be followed

 Büble's journey through Germany (and possibly rest of the world) can be followed as all uploaded "highlights" will be added.

POS in pubs, bars...ads in adventure/sports magazines...billboards at train stations and airports

This campaign has great potential to become Viral, it will indirectly encourage participants to advertise the Büble brand wherever they go, the word will spread via Facebook, Twitter etc. 

more to follow....