sk8er büble
making the büble brand appeal to young posers, while still showcasing tradition


yes, the kidz are whack.  but they have disposable money for beer.  they also set the trends for popular culture unfortunately.  so here is my bucket of sic ABD they'll think is so radical.

on vintage photos of the allgau,  we'll superimpose skateboard cliches.  this will make tradition appear "cool" to the impressionable youth.  the marketing plan will be a proven standard - sticker and t-shirt promotion.  adolescents will (as habit dictates) begin to adhere the free stickers to their belongings and even public property.

additionally, we will reveal a story about fictional professional sk8er peter wanker; who is a rival to büble on the german skateboarding scene.  we also imagine a fictional rivalry between the villages of wank and kempten in skateboard competitions.  wanker and büble trash talk each other on real life internet blogs.  the internet community will take sides and also flame each other over who is better, as the drama unfolds.  we will hire real skaters to be the actors portraying wanker and büble, so they can back up their big talk with some amazing skateboarding.  

to address some of the comments that this idea services only half the target audience,  i propose a two tiered marketing strategy.  traditional marketing will continue to be published in niche media frequented by the older demographic.  additional print marketing will be done to attract the younger demographic in their niche publications, such as sport and  lifestyle magazines.  often times, it is more economical to use a two tier strategy, since ad rates are lower and better focused with niche media.  we will also take advantage of the almost free word of mouth advertising which happens in social media.  the majority of people trending on these platforms are youth, thus my concentrating more on that demographic.