We just provide beer
What Büble Bier inspires you is up to you.


The story if the tipsy fish and the story of the hill of the dolls

Trying to twist the "travel with doll" idea but without starting a new path I thought, what would happen if the campaign was really made and you find yourself with 5000 thousand dolls ?. Then I imagine a story with a hill with all those dolls and I decided that this could be the campaign; outrageous, overelaborate layouts to say that the Allgäuer Brauhaus just provide beer, but if that lets your imagination fly it´s fine, they support you. The campaign could work for writting media and Tv commercials or video viral if you make a script of it. It could be also launched a campaign asking for continuing the story.

Old entry
Büble has not moved from his region, the Allgaü, since he was born, sixty years ago so now he wants to see the world. I propose looking for travel companions for him.

In a first phase advertisements will be set in the main cities of Germany asking for people who want to take Büble with them, as contact a web page is provided.

The people who enter the web will be proposed to take part in a contest. They will be asked about his journey plans. The more interesting plans will be chosen and will receive a büble doll for free to take with them, also they will be given a travel blog account to write about their adventures and upload the photos of them and Büble.

And the end of the submission period exhibitions sponsored by Büble Bier will take place in the main cities of Germany, tis way the brand will arrive linked to cultural events. The winners of the contest will win a visit to the Allgäuer Brauhaus brewery in the Allgaü region and the 1000 litres of Büble Bier, this will contribute to make the brand more well-known and will also promote the Allgaü region.