ZocDoc, a match made in heaven.


The slogan of my campaign is:  "ZocDoc. A match made in Heaven. So you don't have to go there. Yet."
The mascot is the heavenly receptionist, with the cat-eye glasses with the ZocDoc initials on them.  The little episodes are minor medical emergencies.
ZocDoc could hold an ongoing contest for the most amusing minor medical emergency. This contest could supply ideas for the ongoing advertising campaign.
Emergency #1 Image: Greenish man with grotesquely swollen jaw. Copy: " Your audition is in  twelve hours. You need ZocDoc!"
Emergency #2 Image: Light blue hands with a triple hook stuck in the fingers. Copy: "First day of vacation. First catch of the day.  You need ZocDoc!"
Emergency #3 Image: LIttle girl wearing fancy dress with her finger up her nose. Copy:
"The flower girl stuck a pebble up her nose. You need ZocDoc!"

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