My basic Idea was to describe the service of zocdoc with one word: �yes�

�yes� as zocdoc turns a �no� into in a �yes� regarding to insurance acceptation and appointments

I have worked on different ways to deal with the �yes� topic to show it is widely flexible to adjust.


#1 public transport

I think (and others in this contest do the same) that advertising in public transport is a good way to communicate.

  1. In big cities like NYC public transport is used by a large amount of people since travel distances are long and traffic in the streets uses to be heavy.

  2. Advertisement is cheaper compared to advertising in magazines or TV. (I derived this from german conditions).

  3. Its addressed directly to the right people. The inhabitants of the city the service is provided in.

    So my Idea was to take the map of urban transport of the city the advertisement will be published.

The �only� thing which is different to the normal map is that all station-names are replaced by a �yes� to communicate the message: wherever you are in a city, with ZocDoc you will find a doctor close to you.

Additionally there can be placed little cards in the vehicles for further information.


#2 go viral

Maybe you know this trend to create pages on facebook to find more members then someone else does. If not just type in �I bet� in the search field of facebook and there will be lots of.

So my Idea is to set up a page like �I bet I will find 300.008.234 us-americans who prefer �yes� to �no�! It´s more or less a rhetoric question because in general everyone likes to get a �yes� rather than a �no� (of course not in situations like �do i have a bad disease?� but lets think positive). The pagename will lead to two main questions the observer will ask itself and my lead to curiosity.

  1. Of course I prefer a�yes�, but whats so special about it?

  2. What about these 300.008.234?

If the observer deals with this questions he will soon get the answer which is: All americans want to have a proper healthcare solution!

The other Ideas illustrated are self explanatory I think. If not feel free to ask.


#3 yesstories

the �yesstories� point at the real life and its �up´s� and �down´s�. The message should be: If there is a down you should get proper help. Up´s/positive situations are �yes-situations� down´s/negative situations are �no-situations�. After a �no-situation� you need to see a doctor.

The �yes-stories� are always a yes-no-yes sequence. A positive situation followed by a negative one lead to the problem that you need to see a doctor. To find the right is easy with zocdoc and so zocdoc represents the final �yes-situation�.

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