I´ve found him



Since most of you had concerns about going to much into the "dating" direction
I  adjusted the tdea to deal with acceptance (assurencecompanies), competence and trust. Always with a sense of humor.

Corbis own´s the rights of the pictures only used for illustration reasons. They are not included if the idea is bought.


The shown picture is just a quick scetch, since I havent found good pictures for this purpose. More is still to come

My Idea was to compare a doc to patient relationship  with a  one between to people who love each other. Both share  that it is based on trust, often needs time to find the right one and should last for a long time. The topics "trust" and "happiness" should be comunicated through these pictures.

So the pictures are ment to show "couples" of patient and docs looking really happy and confident wih the situation(This can be couples of all ages genders... to deal appropriatly with this obviously wide target group). The reader gets drawn into the picture by the unexpected behavior betwenn doc and patient. In short: by exeration.

I don´t know the current situation in the US but in germany online-agencies for finding a partner are hugely popular. zoc doc is very close to this concept by bringing patients and docs together and can use the popularity of the "partnership"netwoks for its own reasons by using the same visual communication.

Corbis own´s the rights of the pictures only used for illustration reasons

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