It's Time to Get Personal


No matter where you are, it has become maddening to find a decent doctor who you can really trust.  Just because a doctor is listed in your HMO or POS plan, doesn't mean they've passed a competency test.  It simply means that the insurance plan and the doctor  have made a business agreement to offer services at certain costs.  So how can you decide which doctor is best for you?  The same way thousands of people have already done it - Word of Mouth.

ZocDoc already includes patient reviews, but giving the business card of a doctor you like to a friend can mean more than all the 5 star reviews in the world.  You now have a personal connection to the doctor through a trusted family member or friend. 

If all ZocDoc doctors offered business cards that not only gave their own information, but also gave ZocDoc's number and website, word would begin to spread when each patient left the office with enough cards to pass around to friends and family.  The trust you have for your friend is transferred to the doctor being recommended.  This makes health care more personal.  I would trust a pediatrician who a friend took her daughter to and was pleased with the service more than I would trust a stranger's good review. 

Let's make health care more personal.  "It's Time To Get Personal."

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