..Say aaaah...



This concept is a humorous approach to US healthcare reform, and the many passions and  opinions it inspires! ... visually captured with people sticking out their tongue ..(aaaah sound)  and plays with the phrase  doctors ask during an exam, "say aaah..� 

This online campaign would portray normal everyday people, but very expressive, everyone included!   ZocDoc is �healthcare reform everyone can agree on!�.

ZocDoc is the best reform yet, offering people really good news about being in control of healthcare, freedom to choose, easy, booking the �aaah� online, instantly and free.

The campaign is made of rotating banners, usually interacting in 3 parts. Friendly, funny approachable, is the intended visual feel. Some parts of the visuals can be slightly animated . (logo, click button, headlines)

A viral video campaign for youtube can also be developed following the line of the idea...for example, people in favor of healthcare would stick their tongues out normally, while the others would do it, "in their own funny way".  "my aaah" to healthcare, how would your ahhh be?  It is all fine, because ZocDoc is reform, everyone can agree on!

Healthcare reform is no laughing matter, but here is a concept with humor. After all, ZocDoc is about healthcare, and has a great opportunity to capitalize on the subject, it really changes healthcare! However, the "say aaaah" concept, can be used alone (without healthcare reform. implications) at any moment, it capitalizes a popular phrase used by doctors.

 �I Booked my aaah..with ZocDoc�, concept can be developed for T- shirts, mouse pads, mugs to give out to customers.  The concept �say aaah..� for pin buttons to give out to participant ZocDoctors. ( pin buttons for doctors to wear and patients to see)

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