"Fly right in" - web banners



Animated web banners campaign


This is a concept for a web banners campaign to spread the word about ZOCDOC all over the internet, using a fun tonality to lift up everyone�s low expectations of healthcare!

ZOCDOC  is a revolutionary doctor appointments online booking service, giving people freedom to choose, get appointments instantly, free, and at the day/time of choice. ZOCDOC puts patients in healthcare control, at last! 

the creative concept focuses on ZOCDOC being an online service, and three steps to book online,  choose doctor, choose time,  see doctor. 


with unexpected whimsical visuals of people literally �flying to see the doctor.� and the phrase �Click doctor,  choose time, fly right in!� this campaign can be both memorable and prompt enough curiosity in people to click on banners. (the airy feeling remind us too of the �virtual� �online� concepts  where anything is possible, even flying)

The tag line for this campaign, �Healthcare Virtually Yours.�


(this submission is for communicating a concept/idea,...animations in

Flash are smoother and provide the exact emotion. The animations here

are coceptual only) thanks:)

  [ All Pictures are for idea presentation purposes, and belong to their authors. Pictures are not included in this presentation, and were provided with limited use by stock photography online providers. This presentation is for illustrative purposes only.]


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