Sick? Just Click. That Quick.


Focus on brand identity.
I took a more "to the point" approach and used a clear , clean design. Easy to see, and easy to read for a quick understanding. The use of images of real people in real situations, and letting their expressiveness send the message of urgency and importance was key in the design. 

I have also stressed in one of the visuals ("put out of network , out of mind")that one of the major functions of ZocDoc, is aiding the user with finding  a doctor  that is in his/her insurance network. This is a time consuming task (and a headache)  for a patient, and it is finally made easy by using ZocDoc. This is especially important when a patient with an acute illness does not have the time or ability to do the research themselves.

All visuals are followed with a quick draw into the ZocDoc logo, which has been enlarged to add emphasis , and assuring brand recognition.

These messages are simple and  can be modified to fit any print advertisement that ZocDoc may have in mind......billboards, posters, advertisements in public transit areas.....anywhere! This can also be easily turned into a video where the catchy phrases can be voiced over. It's completely versatile.

 Sick?    Just Click.      It's That Quick.               

Thank you for your time and review.
Can't wait for comments/feedback! 

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