It will work as a boomerang- Der Billigfleisch BOOMERANG
ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE RETURN? Seid ihr auf die Folgen vorbereitet ?


A returning boomerang has a main purpose: hunting. When you use it you will receive it in return and this is the analogy shown here … Every choices you make will return to you in a different way and you must be prepared to face them. In this the choice as a very high price and the question of the entire guerrilla campaign will be: DO YOU LIKE THIS RETURN? DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT? The boomerang concept & shape makes my idea stand out!

Campaign Scaleability

It will work as a boomernag, ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE RETURN? CHEAP MEAT AFFECT US ALL, Do not be deceived, everything has a cost and this affects us all: people, animals and planet DON’T FORGET: SHORT TERM GAME LONG TERM LOSS

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