Thank you!
Raising awareness that the "cheap meat issue" is both the supermarkets' and the buyers' concern


My idea revolves around outlining the fact that the wrong-doing of buying cheap meat is a two-lane highway and is the responsibility of both the seller and the buyer.

I have created a series of three ads depicting a happy employee. At a first glance, the poster seems like a classical LIDL & Aldi ad, for it uses the supermarkets' graphics. The surprise comes after reading the "Thank you note" of the so-called supermarket, which reveals the actual effect of selling and purchasing cheap meat.

Campaign Scaleability

In terms of scaleability, the "Thank you" posters will be placed in the area where the customers take and return their shopping carts. In this way, they will contribute to the decision factor on whether to buy the meat or not, or in case it already happened , raising awareness for future purchases.