Editorial Cartoons That Make an Audience Think About Subject
Editorial cartoons can make an audience think about how meat sold in supermarkets is produced.


Editorial cartoons make an audience think, and they are easily shared by people who want to say what that cartoon says. We can create a series of cartoons.

The idea is to call out the fact that supermarkets are silent about what they sell, and if customers knew the facts, they would perhaps not willingly and consciously ask for that.

These are just quick sketches. If the client likes the idea, I could clean them up and maybe come up with more ideas.

Campaign Scaleability

Cartoons can be printed in newspapers, posters, shared on social media, spray-painted onto the curb with a stencil Banksy style, printed on picket banners for demonstrations.

Good cartoons are designed to make people think about something and they communicate an idea quickly and clearly.

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