Strike! / Streik!
When conditions are not up to par, we tend to protest or strike. Here's my take on pig protest.


They've had enough. The pigs go on strike. They are protesting the terrible living conditions and demanding welfare orientated animal husbandry, calling out Lidl and Aldi for supporting factory farming by offering cheap meat products and last but not least pointing out damages to the environment caused by factory farming. Message can be adjusted. I can see this in many formats, even street guerrilla campaigns with large marching pigs in cardboard format.

Campaign Scaleability

The pig's recommendation: Don't buy cheap meat. Why? Because its not only bad for the animals living in factory farm settings but also causes problems for the environment such as methane, deforestation, etc. and last but not least, it may causes health issues due to antibiotics in meat, etc.

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