CAUTION a hidden prohibitive war against the environment
The BOMB is the symbol for WAR . Meat mass production causes war against the enviroment.


Questioning the state of praxis, core information and an urging suggestion on a animation with an Icon that is reflecting the paradoxon of the situation, as symbol of the campaign. (We are in fact in war with our enviroment . It is just covered up with the pink glasses of cheap prices. ) Plus lauching an online e-mail campaign. with the letter. DROP the Droppings. LETS's MAKE PEACE with the ENVIROMENT .- GREENPEACE for an end of th WAR like destruction caused by mass meat production .

Campaign Scaleability

The core of this Idea is : employing an oxymoron as stylistic device to trigger a decision in favor of the course . by raising questions. (JPG. Print on A4 standard Res.800 dpi Test It is hard to face it without the pink glasses of Lidl and Aldi