Günter, The Unscrupulous Meat Merchant Guy
Günter- A unscruoulous character who is the main focus and visual anchor of the campaign.


I've created a character, Günter as the visual anchor of this campaign. He's the discounters meat merchant, who's a bit shady and unscrupulous in his dealings. You think your buying quality meat at a great price, but maybe you should ask yourself, Could you be buying your meat from this Guy? The character is a fun and approachable way to engage people of all ages to take a closer look at a serious issue. No sad animals or horrible pictures to turn away from. His pockets hold more info.

Campaign Scaleability

With a campaign based on a character, the scaleability is wide open for many applications. The center piece is a character standee with a cutout for your face- Sign the petition, get a free instant print of you as- Günter, The Unscrupulous Meat Merchant Guy, w/Meat package brochures in his pockets