MeatIQ FoodIQ. (Dec13th)
Don't let the meat marketers insult your intelligence!


Our visual shows that mass-production of meat is fraught with inescapable consequences that meat buyers and meat sellers (profiteers) need to aware of. While some might profit from meat farming, the consequences will be bad for all of humanity...eventually, everybody loses. #MeatIQ drives viewer awareness, questioning and fact checking: the antidote to "spin doctors" and glib meat marketers.

Option: #MeatIQ dovetails with a broader GP mandate for #FoodIQ regarding responsible food farming.

Campaign Scaleability

Physical installations, social media, online. The wheel segments shall be interactive in online or mixed reality versions. #MeatIQ and #hashtags spread via online networks, social media, landing pages, SEO, etc. Let's call out Aldi & Lidl on social media & elsewhere, challenging their #MeatIQ!

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