What is your meat print? Update
What is the footprint of your meat sourcing?Do you know?


By analogy to "carbon footprint", food choices leave behind a "foodprint." This campaign grabs viewer attention with a Uniquely Memorable "meat print," reminding all that Lidl's cheap mass-produced meats have a mean side: deforestation, food insecurity, antibiotic resistance, pollution, water scarcity, etc. Thus, meat print becomes a powerful metaphor for the environmental, health and moral issues that stem from industrial meat practices of Lidl/Aldi, and the choices made by meat-eaters.

Campaign Scaleability

Street Guerrilla Campaign. Print. Light projection. Online. For example, footprint-shaped #Meat Print stickers can be installed on city sidewalks and near Lidl/Aldi stores. Intensify online & media discussion about people's #Meat Print. Spur questions, visits to Greenpeace pages (QR code, URL).