You’re selling cheaply and the Planet paying dearly.
The idea seek a direct imagen animals sold as a cheap meat and it's negative impact on the planet


This Project is designed for guerilla campaigns, there are four monochromatic stencil in they, I put farm animals and add the Planet. Lidl & Aldi are selling the meat with a cheap price. I think about the the industries that sell cheap but have a negative environmental impacts should rethink their acting in the society. The idea is we going to call necessary that they taking actions about theirs food industry process they should be honest with the people and help the heald the Planet.

Campaign Scaleability

This idea is also may used for dress, caps, bags and stencils in the streets, in the bus stop, on the floor. The idea is that easy for used, is only a silhouette. The colors may vary the size may vary also.