The Cheap Meat Game- Truth or Dare
Shopping can be like a Carnival Game. Will the discounters tell us the truth?...When pigs fly


Inspired by the Lights and colorful shapes of a Carnival Game, Introducing "The Cheap Meat Game". Play Truth or Dare. Are the discounters giving you the REAL truth? "Sure they are...When pigs Fly". Dare the discounters to give you the truth, you want to know about the Hard Facts. Shopping for packaged meat from your favorite discounters can seem like a Carnival Game. You are never sure of the outcome, and you suspect the discounters have tilted the game in their favor. Get the facts!

Campaign Scaleability

The key visuals of "The Cheap Meat Game" is a graphic system, designed so different elements from the key visual can be used for many different applications. As shown-Window and Floor statics, T-Shirts and Buttons Ads and posters. Kids & Adults alike will notice the bright colors and fun designs.