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Greenpeace is once again reaching out to you, the jovoto Community, to help make a difference!

Discount supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi source and sell extremely cheap meat. Their packaging labels and advertisements talk about animal welfare, high quality and appropriate production practices. But in reality, these standards are often violated and consumers are left in the dark about the truth behind the products. Factory farming has an enormous impact on local and global environments and causes great animal suffering. And a high consumption of cheap, mass-produced meat is also linked to human health risks.

Your Task

Help Greenpeace in their campaign to persuade discount supermarkets to be more transparent about the cheap meat they sell! Our campaign aims at alerting the public about the necessity for more transparency when it comes to the consequences of cheap meat production. To achieve this goal, we need to call out discount supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi! We are looking for striking visuals that can be used for viral online campaigns, in print formats and for guerilla street campaigns. 

Your Challenge

This is your chance to use your design skills to help Greenpeace in their quest for a more sustainable future! You can earn cash prizes from the total award pool of €10,000. This includes 5x€100 Halftime Awards, 5 Client's Choices of €1,000 (incl. license fee) and 5x€100 Client's Shortlist Awards (excl. license fee).

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