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Please see below for the Chinese version of this text

The Background
More and more Chinese consumers are discovering the joy and passion of baking at home. Whether they bake for themselves or their friends and family, consumers are buying small ovens and search for home baking items, especially on e-commerce sites.

The Challenge
Germany and Dr. Oetker have a long cultural history and tradition in home baking. In China this is a new trend. Together with Chinese design students we want to discuss and discover how this cultural phenomena can be transferred into Chinese culture by design.

We are happy to run this intercultural project for Dr. Oetker and excited to see an inspiring and fruitful intercultural exchange on the platform – to create the visual world of home baking in China, together. 

The Task
Create the visual world for Dr. Oetker’s home baking products.

The Prize Pool
There´s a total prize pool of €5,000 – divided into community prizes for the best designs as well as a client´s choice award of €2,000. 

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