Create enchanting and delightful patterns based on the theme Chinoiserie-Chic, French for "Chinese-esque".


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Amazing challenge! I am already listening to the music you provide and trying to reach this delicate world.

Hi everyone!

Just before breakfast I made a quick video to say hello! I'm super excited to guiding this project and I'm really looking forward to working with you in this exciting and enchanting textile project! Well, just have a look at the video above :D

All the best, Jess

Very nice. Thank you!

Sounds awesome :D hope I will be able to submit something rocking for this, since I missed the last one ;)

So we have been given a presentation template in the download material for this project. But the submit idea page offers the same 3 ways as before..Should we upload separate images as before or should we arrange our images as per the given template (large design + mockup + variations) and put that as a single jpg?

Hey Rajalakshmi, Great questions. We definitely encourage using the template given in the download material as one of the slides. You can also use any of the templates that jovoto offers you in the idea upload form to present your idea on the platform, while using the template given in the download material as one of the slides. The reason we use the idea template download is so once you enlarge the slide and the window pops up, in one slide you can still have an overview of all the attachments you submitted. Does that make sense? All the best, Jess

What a great theme!! I've actually been working on a piece that very much fits the theme, hope I can get at least two or three done before the end of the contest. I do have a question about the actual terms though - a license fee is mentioned, but also transfer of rights at a different place. Are we licensing the designs and retaining copyright for use on other products (i.e. not fabric/ apparel related) or are we signing over full rights to the designs? Important to know! :)

Dear Celandine, I'm so glad you like the theme! I'm curious and excited to see all of the elegant designs. To answer your important questions, when you submit an idea on jovoto, you keep the rights to your idea until it is licensed by the client, which is when you are paid for your idea. Once you have submitted an idea and the project closes, there is a 6 month exclusivity period in which only the specified client can license your design . That means in the 6 month period after a project closes, you can not use your design for other products. After that time frame, your designs submitted in a public project can be presented. For more information regarding licensing and fees, you can refer to the legal section of our FAQs here: Is there anything else I can help you with? All the best, Jess

Thanks Celandine for asking this question and Jess for all your helpful answers. So the chance is withholding the design for 6 months even if by the end of that period they don't choose to license it. Just one more query in that case: if it does get licensed, is that for a fixed period after which the rights revert to the creator? Or is it one off, permanent?

Hi again, Yes that's right. By submitting an idea in a project, you agree to a 6 month exclusivity contract found in the Project Terms. And yes, the licensing is a permanent hand over of rights from the creator to the client. And if anything else comes up, feel free to ask - I'm here to help :) Best, Jess

Hi Jess I want to ask should i create vector or raster image. Regards

Dear krokkork, I would suggest you work with vectors so your design can be scalable, but at the moment there are no mandatory requirements as far as which you use as long as you have the files as .ai or .psd. Anything else I can help you with? Best, Jess

Looks interesting...I saw some desing examples with photo models with dresses with the design putted on it, I guess are mockups, templates with models to put our designs; do you know where can I found some for my project?Thanks

Hi dflcprint, Glad you think so! You can look for images in the creative commons. This way you can implement and modify the image for your presentation needs :) And always remember to state where you got the image from! All the best, Jess

This is such a great project! I really enjoyed creating my print! Thank you

Hi there Is there anyone want join with me to collaborate a new design? I am totally new in this charming textile design world... I have fashion design background and I am Chinese.. maybe it's will be an interesting mix work together with u . Pls send me an email or message if you are also looking for a partner. Thanks to all ; )

Welcome to jovoto suziepan! :)

To find someone to collaborate with it would help if other creatives could see some of your work! You can link them to your portfolio or the works you have done here on jovoto! Hope you find someone!

All the best,


Hey there,

Later this afternoon we have our halftime meeting with the client in order to check in and get their feedback and perspective about how the project is going so far and the direction for the next 3 weeks. We have the call early on in the process so we can get a better understanding for the direction of the project asap and you can have time to develop your ideas based on the client's feedback.

That means any updates you're working on or last minute ideas, you can submit them now so we can get a great sense of where the project is and get most in depth feedback for in which direction it should go.

Get back to you with the client feedback asap :) Best, Jess

Wonderful news, Jess! Excited d to hear the client's feedback :)

Hi again,

I just posted the client's feedback in the briefing. You're doing a quality job so far, so I know with some feedback tips it's only going to get more exciting. Scroll on up and have a look. :)

Best, Jess

The feedback sounds great and motivational. Thanks!

I am slowly but surely working on some ideas for this project. Just wondering if a design is submitted earlier then it is more likely to get a higher proportion of votes therefore has more time to get to the top of the leaderboard and to win... so if a project like this is for designs that a designer has not got an abundance of or worked in before then it puts them at a disadvantage as they have to create designs and it may take longer. For example I have a massive back catalogue of glitch and modernist art deco style designs so I would probably be able to submit 10 designs within an hour for a project based on those premises. Whereas chinoiserie is uncharted territory... which makes it very exciting to work on as it is breaking new ground for me... but I was just wondering if you submit work towards the middle end of the contest period does the loss of votes you may get from submitting at the start effect the final outcome?

Hope I've not worded the question too confusingly.

Hi Garth, That's definitely a valid question. And I understand what you mean :) The algorithm that creates rank doesn't only take the ratings into consideration but also considers many different factors, one of them being at which time the idea is submitted to avoid exactly what you mentioned, votes adding up that it would be impossible to catch up to if you were to submit at the very end. On top of that, the rating period is a full week after the submissions period has closed so there's time to go through all last minute uploaded ideas. And about the theme, I totally agree. This project is an exciting challenge exactly for that reason! Looking forward to your designs :) Best, Jess

Just getting started … this is such a fab theme! I'd like to know, is it possible to post our designs or work in progress pics on social media? As it's an "public project" this seems to be ok? As well, later on, and within that 6 month "reserved" period, could we use our designs to show in our portfolio (website/blog/offline)? Thanks! Sorry if this is answered somewhere … I couldn't find anything … new to Jovoto and just trying to find my way around ;-)

Hi Eva, No worries, we're always happy to help! Right, you are. Because this is a public project, you're allowed to show your submissions via social media or your portfolio within the 6 month period. However, you are NOT allowed to sell your idea elsewhere until the 6 month period is over. By submitting, you give the client the exclusive right to license your idea during this time. To find info like this and much more, you can look in our FAQs here: And if there is anything you can't find, don't hesitate to ask! Best, Jess

Thank you for your help Jess! I did understand about exclusivity and that I can't sell it elsewhere within these 6 months … but wasn't sure about posting on social media (as to my experience the fashion industry is very secretive). Happy that we are allowed to share :-)

Dear Textile Enthusiasts,

If you think this project is exciting, just wait and hear what we've got in store!

jovoto is launching an exclusive talent pool for textile designers like you. It’s called the Textile Orbit and you can read all about it and the awesome opportunities offered right here or you canapply directly here!

If you've already got an Outstanding Textile Design badge on your jovoto profile, you'll be invited automatically. The only thing left to do is verify your ID, which you can find out how to do here.

Exciting, isn't it!? We're looking forward to see you there! All the best, Jess

Hi Jess, first thing this is a very nice project :). I'm very excited about it . I'm new to jovoto and i was wondering if there was a limit on the number of proposals that we can submit ? Should a PDF file of pattern be uploaded at the same time as the presentation template? Is there a limit of GB for the PDF if we have to upload it? Thanks , Sarah :).

Hi Sarah, Welcome to jovoto :) Nice to have you here! In this project, you can upload 10 submissions. You can see how many submissions you can upload in each project at the top of the submit an idea upload overview. Here is an FAQ with all of the details about which files you can upload: If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know! Best, Jess

Hi again :), thank you so much , that was helpful :). Looking forward to submit my proposals . Best, Sarah.

You're welcome. Excited to see your work!

Dear All Participators,

Giving helpful, constructive feedback and working together to develop your ideas are core principles here on jovoto. That's why we do everything we can to encourage and support that. One of the latest ways in doing so are our new prizes, the Collaboration and Feedback Awards.

Get involved and set a great example for our community- All you have to do is take some tips from our very first Feedback winners or use the collaboration feature and team up with a partner to submit an idea. Go, go, go!

All the best, Jess

I would love it if someone would like to collaborate with me ... feel free to look at my designs and message me if you are interested.

hey.. long time i havnt been here.. but will start to come back now.. unfortunately wont be enough time for me to make new designs for this contest, i guess

Hi Christin, Nice to see you here :) If you can't make it this time, we'd be happy to have in Textile Orbit! You'll have access to the exciting new textile design project The Lacemaker which will start on Tuesday. You've already verified your account, now all you have to do is apply! Have a great weekend, Jess

I have many, many questions - thank you for answering them. 1)"The best designs submitted on jovoto will be chosen and presented to select international fashion brands by the client, who is a renowned textile supplier." Do I understand correctly: are you working with ONE client who then in return offers designs to a variety of fashion brands? 2) could fashion brands scanning the submitted ideas and could contact us directly - if so, what is the correct protocol please ? 3) can you reveal who is looking at our design ideas? Just thinking, . . . . if I give out log-in information to my private portfolio on my web-site, I have somewhat control about who is looking at it, whereas here, I do not; from that standpoint, it would be interesting to know. 4) Would we license with Jovoto and get paid via Jovoto? 3) "The amount purchased can be up to 20,000 meters per design" This is confusing. What happens when meter 20,001 is being printed? 2) I can see ratings on my 3 submitted ideas, but not on others. Question: who does the rating, do WE CREATIVES go and give ratings to each other ? Thank you !

Dear Amido, Welcome to jovoto! I'm Jess and I'm happy to help with your questions. I'll go in order :) 1. Yes, that's correct. There is one client who selects your designs for their clients, which are international fashion brands. 2. Each time you submit an idea in this project, theres is a 6 month exclusivity period in which only the client can license your idea. If let's say another client was to see your idea and wanted to license it, you could do that once the 6 month period after the project was over. 3. The next projects will be run in the Textile Orbit, which means only other people in the Textile Orbit (who have applied or been selected) can participate. This will offer a higher barrier of privacy for you and the client. However, currently in a public project like this one, there is open visibility for all- And you can also share your ideas on social media throughout the project. 4. For more detailed information than I could possibly answer here ;) Please see our FAQ on the legal and licensing processes here. This however, only applies when the client is a client of jovoto. 5. Whatever amount that is printed will be paid out in royalties. This is includes even the 1 meter over :) That's just a ballpark figure of which range the client works within. For more info you can check all of our other FAQs and if you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask! All the best, Jess

sorry, my numbering got inconsistent : I was able to figure out the rating process, please disregard my last question ;)

Hi Jess - I wish there was a way of rating wonderful designs that don't seem to fit the brief (IMO) - a number of times I've been really torn in choosing a rating! Go high, go low?? Also, it would be great if you could see if you'd already rated a design before clicking on it - or is that a big ask? It would really save a lot of time. And I'm sure this has probably been asked before :)

Hi Anne, click on "see all ideas": . In the line below you'll find: "all"/ "unrated"/"collaborations". Click on unrated and all designs you haven't rated comes in forefront. Hope that will help you?!

oh brilliant, thank you ru_flair!

Hi Anne, ru_flair is right! You can use the unrated filter for exactly what you're looking for :) If there is anything else I can help you with just let me know! All the best, Jess

thanks Jess .... and any suggestions about how to rate beautiful designs that don't seem to really fit the brief?

That's heavy I know...but it's your decision!:) Try to stay fair. My advice is: Use the whole scale of stars! If there is a design beautiful but far from the theme you can decide that it get between 7-8...If you trash them all, you'll get a rating disbalance and then suddenly you have a banner in your profile that your rating behavior is under review and are not factored into the overall rating score! Good decisions, good luck! :)

LOL - I do have a 'good' distribution and use the full range, but I only use the low marks on those that have both missed the brief and are pretty basic. It's the really good ones that have missed the brief that I think I'm going to be in a continual dilemma about ... I'd like a bonus rating of 'great for another project'! :D

Nice discussion :) We will add the rating dimensions in the next textile project as soon as we can to help avoid the dilemma!

That would be GREAT. I see lots of good designs that actually don't fit the brief... I would like to give them a 10 for the quality, but it would be read as "you hit the nail on the head", what's not really true. Big dilemma :[

I never had a project, where I give so many good ratings and loved ideas, so many amazing work here! To the dilemma to decide about great designs, not on brief, I do it, like ru_flair suggested, to vote 7-8, because not "perfect in all, but place for improvement to make it excellent. Hope my comment helps ;)

Hello! I have been trying to upload my ideas for a couple of hours now, and it doesn't fully download. It says "encoding in process" .... is this normal, or should they upload and be able to view them right away? Please help! Thank you!!

I also tried uploading my image of the textile design as a separate file (size 140cm X 50 cm) and it said that it was too large!! The image is PDF and is already flattened :(

Dear roseshimkus, Sorry for the encoding trouble, I will have a developer look at the asap! Don't worry though, the system has captured all of the info for your submission, so you won't have to re-upload. Thanks for your patience, we'll work it now! Best, Jess

Phew :) awesome , thank you so much Jess ! :)

Hey Jess, I couldn't finish the upload.....

Hi mercedesquevedo, Let's talk via private message! Best, Jess

Cannot believe I missed the deadline for this project! I was convinced it was 22nd of july! :(((

Hi eureka, What a pity!! But don't worry, we have another textile challenge running, apply to the Textile Orbit today to take part in The Lacemaker. The end of the submission deadline is Aug 18th! If you have any questions, let me know :) Best, Jess

Question regarding the ratings: There are 5 stars but rating statistic goes from 1-10, how does this work please ?

Hi Amido, When you hover over 1 of the 5 stars, you'll see each star is split in two. 1-2, 3-4,5-6 etc. which makes up for 10 places :) Best, Jess

ha ! I did not even see see that . . . . . next time I know - no time now to go over all ratings again - thanks Jess !

Hello platform. I have a question for the project guide. Why these profiles are supporting all ideas of gusmonk if they don't hold any participation on this platform?. it's weird.

Dear Audrey, Thanks for keeping an eye out on the platform, but please contact me directly if you have any problems or questions, especially when it involves posting other community members profile. If a community member's rating seems to be subjective or unfair, through our algorithms and manual rating monitoring we are able to disable their votes and they will not be calculate into the overall score. If a creatives ratings are unfair they will be first be disabled for that project. If the subjective rating behaviour continues, their ratings in all projects will be disabled which will show up or their profile. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly. Best, Jess

How dose the ranking actually calculated?

Hi there, Our algorithms for calculating the ratings take many factors into consideration, such as time when it's submitted, the number ideas in the project and the average of the ratings given so far. For more info, check out FAQs. Best, Jess

Hi Jess, when can we expect the client to decide which designs they are going to license? I ask in case we want to sell them elsewhere.

Hi Kriti, Technically in a jovoto project, the client has up to 6 months to decide the design(s) they'd like to license. In this case though the client is moving very quickly (as fashion is a fast industry!) and we'll announce the licensed ideas as soon as all contracts have been signed and paper work filed :)

As far as selling your ideas elsewhere, when you upload an idea in this project you agree to a 6 month exclusivity period. In this time you assure that only the client can license your idea. After the 6 month period you can sell your idea elsewhere.

You can find more info in our FAQs herehere!

Best, Jess

Hi Jess, I was wondering when you say the best designs are presented to the client, is the rating system the only determining factor? I assume the highest rated would probably overlap with what is considered the best but also since ratings are subjective I was hoping there were other considerations when deciding which patterns to present to the client. Thanks for your time! Adriana

Hi AGenerallo, The community ranking should be objective and we do our very best using our jovoto algorithms and manual rating monitoring to ensure that it is just that!
The client is free to choose from any ideas, so it can but does not have to overlap with the rank of the communities. Based on their experience in the fashion industry they decide what's best! Best, Jess

Thanks jess for all your clarifications. Cheers!

Hi Jess, I'm still trying to figure out how voting works here. I have followed my ratings and now I'm very confused. e.g I get two very positive comments (gorgeous, excellent) on the idea and rating from the same persons but my overall score drops sharply (after that and before rating from new people) O.o .Is it possible that a comment is positive and the idea was rated as poor? If the total score was e.g 8.25 and after two rating fall on 8.03, with which rate stars idea was rated? Thanks a lot in advance dear ;)

Sorry dear it's public contest - a lot manipulations here =))) you need have a lot friends in fb and only then you can win this =))) really very hard=))) one good things - client in any way can choise your idea !!!! and it'sreally our chances!!!! Warm hugs!!!!

Hi Indigo, We've raised the karma threshold so it's much more difficult to use jovoto as a popularity contest, only to sign in the cast a vote. However, as it is a public project there is sometimes a rating roller-coaster, however that's why we do continuous rating monitoring. When the project closes for rating today, it is not the official close. A final rating monitoring will be done, so you can expect ranks to change. The jovoto rating algorithm takes many factors into consideration, like time of submission, amount of ideas in the project and the average, so there isn't a specific rating I can tell you that makes an idea drop or jump up a certain amount, but do have our eyes out and our handy algorithms, so please be patient. Also oh course, if there is any behaviour that you see and think is unfair, you can always write the project guide directly. All the best, Jess

Hi Jess, I think the threshold for karma points is a very good idea!

What about forcing people to read the brief first (like an assignment; Yes, I have read the brief)? It might build a small step extra to filter out any 'fast voting fb friends'.

And maybe it is possible to split up the rating into 2 or more specifications like: - Look and feel of overall design (so that would be a matter of personal taste) :o) - How does the entry fit the brief - Technical design aspects (quality of work, details, quality of the pattern)

In this case again it will be less easy to make a simple (fb friends) vote. Not only that; you also sort of press the designers to properly read the brief and to upload enough review material (repeating pattern images, details of work).

We appreciate all the hard work you and the Jovoto team are doing. We just hope that the tips we post here will help the team a bit to make the rating process as fair as possible.

cheers! Jacco

Hello, I would like to make a humble suggestion which in my opinion could improve the athmosphere for all Jovotans :)

Just like any Facebook friend could vote with a 10 stars for their own, they could also mis-vote giving 1 or 2 stars for other people's idea if they see it as a "competitor", with little-to-no real design reasons.

My suggestion: If any given idea has an average rating of 8, every vote consisting of 3 or 4 points below this initial rating should also contain a text comment section explaining the reasons for that low rate. Of course this could be anonymous to avoid open conflicts and such drama in public, but nonetheless the author of the idea should be able to have an explanation why his work is low voted by someone. This could benefit battling these false votes and besides, it will help the authors improve their ideas based on true, structural critics. My suggestion also goes both way - for example if the work has 4 stars average rating and someone puts a 10 to it, he shoud explain in short text what he likes in the work and reveal his opinion to vote so high.

I really hope you would undestrand what I'm trying to suggest and eventually like it :)

Regards, Mariya

Great idea! i absolutely agree!

Mariya, that's a very good idea, and I too agree with this rating system. Frankly I only began to realize that some of the votes aren't quite sincere nor based on true quality of the project. I just can't believe this...

I`ll repost it as a main comment! Thank you guys! :)

Hi everyone!

Wow, I can safely say this was one of the most inspiring projects I have ever guided. I can't tell you how often I was going through ideas and saying, 'That's so beautiful!' You can ask the other community management team members :) So first, thank you so much for completing this amazing project with us!

Second, I've gotten a lot of question about rank and rating, so beware, the project isn't officially closed yet (so the ranking isn't official either). I will do a final round of rating monitoring, so the ranking is subject to change. I'll close the project (with the final ranking) as soon as possible!

And third, if you haven't yet applied to the Textile Orbit yet, verify your ID and apply today. There's another amazing textile project The Lacemaker running now.

Ok, that's it for now, I'll get back to you when the project is officially closed :) Best, Jess

Hello, (I repost my suggestion here) I would like to make a humble suggestion which in my opinion could improve the athmosphere for all Jovotans :)

Just like any Facebook friend could vote with a 10 stars for their own, they could also mis-vote giving 1 or 2 stars for other people's idea if they see it as a "competitor", with little-to-no real design reasons.

My suggestion: If any given idea has an average rating of 8, every vote consisting of 3 or 4 points below this initial rating should also contain a text comment section explaining the reasons for that low rate. Of course this could be anonymous to avoid open conflicts and such drama in public, but nonetheless the author of the idea should be able to have an explanation why his work is low voted by someone. This could benefit battling these false votes and besides, it will help the authors improve their ideas based on true, structural critics. My suggestion also goes both way - for example if the work has 4 stars average rating and someone puts a 10 to it, he shoud explain in short text what he likes in the work and reveal his opinion to vote so high.

I really hope you would undestrand what I'm trying to suggest and eventually like it :)

Regards, Mariya

I understand your suggestion very well and think, that would be great, to handle the voting this way! I hope, that can be solved by jovoto ;)

Hi Mariya,

Thanks for your input and interesting idea! First of all, Facebook friends can't just join jovoto and start rating, first they need to gain 300 in karma points, as mentioned above. That requires them to be active on the platform by rating, commenting or submitting ideas to a certain extend before their ratings start to count. This protects the platform form manipulation efforts and emphasizes the importance of fair rating.

Regarding your idea, I see your point here but I think anyone should have the right to rate how ever they want, without having to explain why, we all have different opinions and taste right? However, when the submission period is over and we do the rating monitoring we notice when a user have an unfair rating behaviour (such as often give ideas 1-2 when most other users have given the same idea 9-10). Then that users rating in that competition will be deactivated.

So there is already a system in place to prevent this sort of behaviour. And much thanks to great input from you guys, so please keep giving us your feedback!

Best, Jess

Thank you, Jess! I`m glad that you are doing your best to keep Jovoto fair! :) Regards, Mariya

Dear textile creatives,

The Chinoiserie-Chic textile challenge has recently ended and you guys & girls were absolutely stunning. Thank you all for submitting and delighting our eyes and hearts with such incredible patterns!

Today we would like to announce the first round of winners.

The eight Community Winners are:

#8: Sound of Tranquility by Sabine Reinhart

#7: Rosa by Ariadna Uehara

#6: Secret Garden by chiara pollano

#5: Chinese spring by angeloartimus

#4: 錦鯉 I by gusmonk

#3: Peacock and flowers by Laura Muñoz Estellés and Mónica Maria Martinez Sanchez

#2: Dancing cranes by anastasianio

#1: Magic Garden by gamia9

The Best Collaboration Award goes to Laura Muñoz Estellés and Mónica Maria Martinez Sanchez their idea Peacock and flowers. That's a double win for you. Congratulations, Laura and Mónica!

And the Best Feeback Award goes to KCauvin, a print designer based in Sydney, Australia, who has brought a great contribution in terms of helpful and constructive feedback in this challenge. Thank you, KCavin! And thanks everyone who has commented and helped fellow submitters develop their ideas even further.

A big round of applause to everyone. And don't forget to check out the new public challenge for the city of Linz, Austria, starting tomorrow. ;)

Have a great week,


Congratulations guys for your great works!! ヅ

Thank you very much! Great thanks to all of you - Jess, Jovoto team and every of my colleagues and participants! I really can't tell you what I feel right now! It is the best contests web-site that I've ever seen, most transparent and fair of all. I've just come here to my first contest and become one of the winners! It is so cool!:) I wish a good luck to all of you! Just keep working and you will get what you deserve ;)

Congratulations on your prize. Your words make us happy. That is why we do what we do.

All the best and see you around on jovoto, :) Jess

Dear Jess, please check up your inbox messages. I wrote to you. Thanks :)

Congrats to all winners!

Wow, such amazing work! It's so good to see so many beautiful designs being recognized and awarded. You are all an inspiration together with the Jovoto team :)

Yay! thanks for recognising my feedback! Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks for contributing with great feedback that help ideas develop to their best potential. It's super valuable for the community!


Congratulations everyone! :)

congrats everyone :) great work

congrats to all the winners :)

Congrats to all the winners! Gorgeous works!

Amazing work guys! It's a pure pleasure to follow the development of this, you guys rock! ;)

All the best,


Dear designers,

We want to share this exciting opportunity with you, in case you aren't part of the Textile Orbit yet. If you're not, and you love designing patterns and textiles, read all about it or jump straight over and take a second to verify your ID and apply now!

Anyway, back to the exciting news- We'd like to provide each Textile Orbiter participant with monthly trend forecasts from, Promostyl a leading international trend research and design agency. That means you'll receive a monthly 10-12 page trend direction forecast that includes all of the most up to date information on styles, trends, colours and textures!

We wanted to say thank you for working with us in a way that will help you create designs and develop as designers in and out of the orbit! For more details, check out the blog post here.

All the best, Jess

Hi everyone,

The client has made their selection for the Client's Choice!

It must have been a very tough one, with so many fantastic ideas. A big congratulations to the licensed design:

Peacock and Flowers by Laura Muñoz Estellés and Mónica Maria Martinez Sanchez.

What a beautiful design- Congratulations and all the best Laura and Mónica! Best, Jess

Wow! Incredible! What a surprise! We are the happiest girls in the world! :D :D :D :D :D ...

congratulation girls!!!!! =)))))))))))

Congrats girls, gorgeous design :)

Hi everyone,

We've got an update and the client has licensed another design from this project!

Congratulations to marinafont with her design The Garden of Nature.

Great job Marina :) Best, Jess

Hi again :)

We've got another licensed idea. Congratulations to Marinafont, for her second idea licensed, Delicate Flowers.

Great job and I'm looking forward to working with all of you soon. We'll keep you posted when we have any new updates!

All the best, Jess

Dear Textile Orbiters,

Hello! I’m happy to have a little news for you today. After a long wait, we can officially announce more designs that have been licensed in this project. Congratulations to the following designers for their work:

Mystical China Blues and Chinoiserie border by Kriti_Jain

Indigo Garden by patriciam

Secret Garden by chiara_pollano

Magic Garden by Maria Gomez

As soon as we have more information, like if and how much a design is sold or we have another project lined up, we will be in touch!

All the best, Jess