Chinoiserie Poetry
This design is a modern look at chinoiserie textiles: traditional, yet new.


I have created a large vocabulary of motifs for this design, most of them drawn with ink: cranes, butterflies, cherry blossom, peonies, chrysanthemum flowers, and other floral and ornamental elements. While assembling the layout, I decided to focus on cherry blossom, bamboo, and cranes, with a little bit of peonies. To create a design, which will be light, and breathable and appealing to different ages, I have used a very flirtatious line art with juicy, sweet background.

Why does your design stand out?

• The layout is harmonious, line art is perfectly clean, meaning even if the design is reduced to 2 colors only, it still is 100% applicable. The silhouettes are beautiful. • The pattern is made of many gracious motifs, which can be used separately to produce stand-alone designs to create a whole collection of textiles. • Appeals to both young and classic audiences. •Traditional Chinese motifs with modern appeal. • .PSD and AI formats available for this design with all the layers.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

I could imagine Givanchi using this textiles for a beautiful gown, but also could see them used for a Zara collection just in the mall:)

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

Yes , the elements were drawn by me, the background is also my watercolor illustration.

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