Abstracted Chinoiserie
Abstracted mark making design replacing the traditional detail of Chinoiserie


This design takes some traditional elements of Chinoiseire such as the hand painting, the blue and pastoral colours, the dots and the lines and abstracts it. Creating a subtle abstracted floral affect. The design aims achieve subtle femininity in a unique and eye catching representation of the Chinoiserie style. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Why does your design stand out?

The hand painted design achieves delicacy and femininity whilst using a pastoral palette inspired by the subtle water colours of Chinese art. The design is bold without being over powering, making it versatile accross a wide range of garments.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

High end high street brands such as Jaegar, Hobbs, East, Monsoon, Phase Eight, Other Stories, Cos, Karen Millen etc.

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

100% created by me.