Tiled Chinoiserie
A tiled design Inspired by the traditional hand painted qualities and complexity of Chinoiserie.


This designs style takes inspiration from traditional hand painted floral Chinoiserie and the complexity it usually upholds mixed with influences from current print trends such as 'Tiling' which can be seen in Dolce and Gabbana' prints this summer. The print is designed to look uneven like old tiles and like it has been hand drawn as to not look too digital and instead bring an organic feel to a garment.

Why does your design stand out?

This design is unique in its style of repeat, delicate yet complex in motif and eye catching in colour.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

High End - I imagine the design on silk

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

100% me

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